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Incredible Photo of the Fight at the Padres vs. Rockies Game

People fight at baseball games. People are idiots. Enlarge that photo and just look at everybody’s faces. Amazing range of emotions and reactions going on there. So fun to analyze. Great photo from AP photog Lenny Ignelzi. -bp

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Jake Peavy Deserves a Trophy For Serving Up This Grapefruit to Todd Helton

I love this so much. Say what you want about stats and the integrity of the game and whatever. Screw all that. This is integrity. Total selfless act. What Peavy did for Helton here is class on class on class. … Continue reading

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Jamie Moyer’s Win Defines the Padres

Jamie Moyer’s five-year plan? Don’t die. Everybody is emailing me asking why I haven’t written about him being the oldest pitcher in the history of MLB, 49 years old, to win a game…since he did it against our Padres. Well, … Continue reading

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Padres new Closer Huston Street is a Speedo-Wearing, Cross-Dressing, Party Animal!

Hahaha. Just messin’ with ya, Huston. I have zero problem with any of these pics. Cross-dressing is a must for rookie-hazing…or halloween for that matter. Speedos are a must, well no where, except for an Olympic swimming pool, but I … Continue reading

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Goodbye Heath Bell, Hello Huston Street… Padres Trade for the Rockies Closer

Wow, that was quick. Twitter has been exploding about a possible trade with the Rockies and now Thomas Harding of MLB.com reports that Huston Street to the Padres is a done deal. Not cheap either, he’s due to be paid … Continue reading

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Dad of the Year Wears “Enjoy Vagina” T-shirt to Padres Game

Nothing better than a little Sunday baseball with the family, right? Isn’t it cute? Here’s our new leading candidate for Dad of the Year that was caught by the Channel 4 camera guys at the Padres vs. Rockies game on … Continue reading

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Rafael Betancourt’s Dong on Live TV!

Yes, that’s Rafael Betancourt. Yes, that’s a cropped screenshot from the Rockies post game show. Yes, it’s cropped because they showed his dong on live TV. No, I won’t show it to you. Ya perv. -bp [via TheBigLead]

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