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Dick Enberg! Comin’ in Hot! “HUBBA HUBBA!”

These two lovely ladies led to an interesting little conversation between Mudcat and Enberg last night… and it’s caused a small stir, nationally. Here are the girls: Here’s the conversation, you can catch the video at The Big Lead: Grant: “Hey! … Continue reading

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The Three Fathead Padres You Can Slap on Your Wall

The legend… the clear choice. LOVE the brown. Love the stirrups. The rising star… the most obvious current player. Home run swing right there. The wild card… Fathead hoping this is Cam’s breakout season. I share the same hope. Kids … Continue reading

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Oh, MLB Photo Day… I Can’t Quit You

I feel like Jayson Werth’s beard just punched me through my monitor. Tim Ryan over at The Big Lead did a really glorious write-up with the best images from MLB Photo Day. Uncle Rico even makes an appearance. Go check … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Padres Making Moves at the Winter Meetings!


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Your 2012 MLB Playoff Picture

I feel like nobody knows what the hell is going on with the playoffs this year because of this extra wild-card team. So, there’s a picture of it. The wildcard game is exactly that… one game… winner goes on to … Continue reading

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Padres Forget the Little League Essentials…

Padres taught a class last night in how to play the worst game of pickle ever. Pay close attention to center field. Good hustle, Maybin. Also, tough to tell from the above animated .gif, but if you’re wondering who was … Continue reading

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The Best Stuff From the MLB All-Star Game – Padres Won!

Padres won the All-Star game!!! I wrote yesterday about how the city of San Diego wins as long as Huston Street doesn’t get the “Loss”. How do you prevent a Padres pitcher from getting a loss in the all-star game? … Continue reading

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If Huston Street Doesn’t Get the Loss in the All Star Game, It’s a Win for San Diego

I know that’s depressing to say… but I think it’s true. I really like Huston Street, and although I didn’t agree with him being picked as the Padres all-star…if he can get out of this game tonight without taking the … Continue reading

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Kyle Zimmer, Welcome To The Bigs

BIG.TIME.SHOUTOUT. to a member of the Lobster family.  Kyle Zimmer, a San Diego native out of La Jolla High School, was selected 5th overall by the Kansas City Royals in the 2012 MLB draft. Here’s Selig, sounding like he just … Continue reading

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Fernando Valenzuela, Tony Gwynn, and Ken Caminiti

Man… the 1996 Padres brought the heat. Hard to believe that the marketing stunt that was Fernando Valenzuela in a Padres uniform landed him on one of the covers of TV Guide. TV Guide put each playoff team’s three “best” … Continue reading

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