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My Day at Chargers Park… Overwhelmingly Amazing

I’m overwhelmed. A behind-the-scenes day at Chargers Park… watching practice from the field followed by a catered dinner with Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates… there are no words to describe it. Yet, here I am, attempting to do exactly that. … Continue reading

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“You Might Have To Wear One”

This video I’m about to post is an absolute must-watch for all Padres fans… all baseball fans. Nothing fascinates me more than the unwritten rules of baseball. A debate that has led to fist fights for a century. I just … Continue reading

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Amazing Unintentional Troll Job by Darren Smith

So, Darren Smith, the impressive afternoon radio host at The Mighty 1090 went on vacation for a few days. He doesn’t tweet on vacation. Craig Elsten filled in for Darren while he was gone. Turns out some people don’t pay … Continue reading

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Is The Mighty 1090AM Buying Twitter Followers?

Hi. Umm….I’m John. You might know me, you might not. It’s probably not important for you to know me. What is important is that BP knows me, and from time to time we chat about things. Yesterday, he mentioned that … Continue reading

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Hey Mighty1090, What’s With This Shady & Shaky Start?

Today, at 3pm, will be the debut of the new Scott and BR show on XX1090 The Mighty 1090. Yup, they’ve re-branded themselves as The Mighty 1090…again. I wrote all about the 1090 shake-up when they got rid of Josh … Continue reading

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Major Mix Up at XX1090 – Dave & Jeff Gone, Josh & Charod Gone, Scott & BR Back

**UPDATE: It’s Official… Scott and BR are BACK on XX1090** So, this post will be ever-changing I’m sure, but there are some major changes going on over at XX1090. Last night, Dave and Jeff both sent out tweets saying that … Continue reading

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