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That’s what he’s saying, right? Helluva kick by Novak to seal the game… heckuva celebration by Rivers… “BATMAN! WOOOOOOOO!” -bp [lobbed by Crew via @TheNosebleeds]

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san diego…. SUPER CHARGERS!

Click to enlarge. From the artist: “It’s a Dodge eat Dodge world out there, but them San Diego boys have done it again!” Love this! Helluva game last night by the Bolts. Great team win. Thanks to Nick Novak, Keenan … Continue reading

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Sweet Monday Night Football Promo, ESPN. Ya Jerks.

The hell was that? Andrew Luck mania over at ESPN. If not for the tiny Bolts logo at the end of that promo, you’d have no clue who the Indianapolis Andrew Lucks were playing tonight. Buncha BS. Even if I … Continue reading

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“Jim Irsay – An NFL Owners Guide to Being a Bro”

That’s what Colts owner Jim Irsay tweeted last night with this text, “It’s playoff time,ya’ll….time to let The Monster feed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Oh, and in case you missed it the first time, he went ahead and tweeted it again a few minutes … Continue reading

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Welcome Back, Chuck Pagano…

So awsesome that he’s back to coach the Colts. Chuck freaking Strong. Love it. -bp [pic via Rachel Nichols]

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Two Rookie QBs – Two Heads Smashed Attempting to Slide

That was Andrew Luck last night. Pretty reminiscent of RGIII getting a concussion, no? Lucky for Luck, he apparently did NOT get a concussion. (ZOMG, “Lucky for Luck”… so hilarious. Where’s my Pulitzer?) -bp [via TBL]

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Try Not to Let Your Mind Explode on This Stat:

Andrew Luck vs. Peyton Manning – their passing yards total so far this season is exactly the same. Also, their teams are both 5-3. Pretty crazy… means nothing though. Good talk, Russ. -bp

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I Really Enjoyed this Vick Ballard TD Dive

Straight outta the Matrix. Good stuff right there. The Colts are better than the Bolts. -bp [via TBL]

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Jim Irsay, You’re a Weirdo

Jim Irsay – Forbes.com The Twitverse blew up yesterday based off BREAKING NEWS from one of the nation’s best sports reporters… Rob Lowe.  Yes, the Rob Lowe of Tommy Boy fame, one of my Top 20 movies of all-time.  I’m still weirded … Continue reading

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A Crazy Week 15 in the NFL, Including a Monkey Riding a Dog

I think this monkey riding dog is representative of the madness that was Week 15 in the NFL. That was during halftime at the Broncos-Patriots game, yes… a monkey riding a dog. That was the game that ended the Tebowmania … Continue reading

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