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Chiefs Kicker Should’ve Had Another Chance Because Chargers Were in an Illegal Formation

They are correct. SD had more than 6 players on one side of the center on the line of scrimmage. That is a new rule and a foul. — Mike Pereira (@MikePereira) December 30, 2013 As you guys all know … Continue reading

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How is Andy Reid Grinding On Philip Rivers Not a Penalty?

Still waiting for an explanation on this. What the hell happened here? I mean, I get that Rivers was trying to talk to the refs, and Reid didn’t want him talking to the refs so he tried to box him … Continue reading

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Chargers With a HUGE Win Over the Chiefs at Arrowhead

Nothing quite like an excited Philip Rivers celebration… Man, what a game. I missed most of it because I took my daughter to see The Grinch at the Old Globe theatre (that’s true love right there). I did, however, re-watch … Continue reading

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Welcome to the AFC West, Andy Reid…

So, twitter is blowing up with reports that Andy Reid is the Chiefs new head coach and their GM Scott Pioli has been fired. This is a weird thing… I certainly did not want Andy Reid as the Chargers head … Continue reading

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Donald Butler Almost Killed Jamaal Charles

That headline is no exaggeration. Charles was lucky to live through that. Just bone crushing. My jaw dropped when I saw it happen, and I stood there in shock wondering if Charles would ever walk again, or breathe. I was … Continue reading

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Very Nice of the Chargers to Save Norval’s Job

I dare you to say that’s not the sweetest throwing motion in all the land. Chargers win!! It was the Chiefs, so everybody just calm down. A nice win for the Bolts, sure. Shuts the critics up about firing Norval … Continue reading

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These High School Football Unis Are ________ !

Fill in the blank, lobsters. (also, there’s got to be a “feather tickling your balls?” joke in there somewhere) -bp [h/t uni watch]

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A Crazy Week 15 in the NFL, Including a Monkey Riding a Dog

I think this monkey riding dog is representative of the madness that was Week 15 in the NFL. That was during halftime at the Broncos-Patriots game, yes… a monkey riding a dog. That was the game that ended the Tebowmania … Continue reading

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Josh McDaniels to the Chiefs Would Make This the Greatest Photo in NFL History

Okay, greatest photo in NFL history is an exaggeration… However, it would make an already awesome photo awesomer. Read about all the rumors here. -bp

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BREAKING: Todd Haley’s Thoughts on Being Fired

Todd Haley just got fired by the Chiefs. Here are his thoughts on the matter. I’m no lip-reader, but… I think he’s saying, “I disagree with this firing!” -bp

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