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Shirtless Andrew Cashner and His Mullet Videobomb Chase Headley

Chase Headley had the big go-ahead home run in extra innings for the Padres last night… and Andrew Cashner gave everybody watching Fox Sports San Diego┬áthis little gift in the process. Love Cash. -bp

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The Three Fathead Padres You Can Slap on Your Wall

The legend… the clear choice. LOVE the brown. Love the stirrups. The rising star… the most obvious current player. Home run swing right there. The wild card… Fathead hoping this is Cam’s breakout season. I share the same hope. Kids … Continue reading

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The Padres Had an Archery Competition at Spring Training

Is this normal? The Padres had an archery competition this morning using a high powered composite bow and arrow to blast fake deer, coyotes, and turkeys. Allow me to break it down. Is this normal? Do teams do this? I … Continue reading

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Petco Park Fences Are Coming Along Nicely…

Wow… that’s a significant move*. It’s funny, you hear the numbers on the fences at Petco being moved in, but really… none of that means crap until you see it with your own crazy eyes… then it becomes real. It’s … Continue reading

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Congrats Chase! Silver Slugging Machine!

Love that Chase Headley won the Silver Slugger award. Dude is racking up some serious awards for the trophy case… here’s to hoping it will carry over to the 2013 season. I’ve never seen such awful penmanship on an official … Continue reading

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Chase Headley – Your 2012 NL RBI Champion

That man right there. He’s got class written all over him. The Padres finished the second half of the season strong, but the highlight of 2012 is Chase Headley. After the All-Star break, he exploded into one of the best … Continue reading

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Lobshots’ In-Depth Analysis of MLB Batting Leaders

Chase freaking Headley… making a name for himself. Extend that man. Hey NL West, beware the 2013 Padres… you’ve officially been put on notice. -bp

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Your 2012 Padres All Star Selection!!

Your 2012 San Diego Padres! These guys… man oh man… who do you vote for? Well, you don’t. Not if you want to be taken seriously. Chase Headley or Carlos Quentin will make the team… just because somebody has to… … Continue reading

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Padres National Media Coverage in a Nutshell

I love national media coverage of the Padres. I saw Grantland tweet out this interview with Chase Headley. Smartass that I am, I retweeted with the response, “Padres national story. Must be a typo.” The Grantland author, Jonah Keri, responded … Continue reading

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