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Philip Rivers Was at the Padres Game Last Night

“A pitcher in the other league…he can throw some strikes.” – Dick Enberg on Philip Rivers at Petco. @chargers @padres pic.twitter.com/dnqPOJeO8X — Brady Phelps (@LobShots) April 17, 2014 If you were wondering, I know a little something about that hat … Continue reading

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DJ Fluker, Still a Massive Human Being

Here’s @DjFluker76 with a young lady named @Pey623. His bicep is about the size of her entire torso. pic.twitter.com/DVMpeDb1CZ — Brady Phelps (@LobShots) April 9, 2014 Hands and biceps are gigantic. Teddy bear off the field. Monster on the field. … Continue reading

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San Diego Chargers Uniform Concept Design

An artist named Jesse Alkire has done a new design for the Chargers uniforms. Here’s his description of the concept behind the new Chargers unis. Superfluous outlines are removed for a clean, modern look. And following the lead of teams in … Continue reading

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Your Newest Favoritest San Diego Charger: Philip Mathews!

Philip Mathews! Business up front… party on the shoulders. -bp [found by @sherylberyl]

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Kendall Reyes and the UConn Women’s Lacrosse Team

Hanging with @Kendall_Reyes in the airport #gohuskies @UConnWLAX pic.twitter.com/XfwD51iPig — Emily Giumetti (@EmGem18) March 12, 2014 This is just awesome. UConn alum and current Chargers DE, Kendall Reyes, with an Ellen-esque selfie. Why are they all sticking their tongues out? … Continue reading

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A San Diego Chargers ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Tattoo? Yup.

Just a good ole boy…never meanin’ no harm. I have no words… okay, I have a few words… Meet Martin Northern, who tweeted that photo, of his new tattoo. Clearly, he’s a fan of the Chargers, America, and the General … Continue reading

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These Star Wars NFL Helmets are Amazing…

So, some cat named John Raya made Star Wars themed helmet logos for the entire NFL. Very, very cool and fun. As usual with these logo recreations that the internet does, the Chargers got the shaft on this one. The San Diego … Continue reading

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Keenan The Barbarian

Ha. New nickname for Keenan Allen? We’ll see if it sticks. I like it. -bp [As for the origin of this, so far as I can tell, the inspiration came from this series of tweets between a guy named Patrick … Continue reading

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Pro Bowl Ballad of the Bolo and the Beard

Love it when Bobby Rubio draws Chargers stuff. -bp [anybody catch the alliteration in the title? doubt it.]

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You Can Now Buy the Pro Bowl Version of Weddle’s Beard T-Shirts

Sadly, the season’s over, but things don’t appear to be slowing down for Weddle’s Beard. If you follow the @Weddlesbeard twitter feed. You know that it’s run by Eric and his agent David Canter. After the success of their first … Continue reading

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