Lebron’s Return Gets the Dumb & Dumber Treatment

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It’s perfect. No commentary necessary.


[made by 18 Lives, h/t @WorldOfIsaac]

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Nice Backpedal Job by the 10News Headline Writers…


Pro tip: The “Good Samaritan” never beat the crap out of anybody. Did these dudes do the right thing by stopping this dirtbag car-jacker? Of course. Did they maybe get a little carried away when they continued to drop haymakers on his dome when he was motionless on the ground? Probably. Either way, carjacker idiot had to be stopped. Laughed when I saw that 10News was calling these dudes Good Samaritans, only to have a bunch of their viewers (I guess?) get all butt-hurt and have them change the headline to read “Witnesses.” Good times.

Also, this dude is flat out the worst car-jacker ever. Tries to steal a car with a mom and baby inside and then runs directly into a pole? Get outta here with that noise.


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Thou shalt respect the Jetah.


As for the Swinging Friar’s appearance… at the :54 second mark… you see, it’s funny because he doesn’t wear a cap. He can’t tip it.


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How Hot Is Tim Howard?


Gorgeous man, that Tim Howard. Looks nothing like this terrible pancake I made of him.


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Lee Jenkins Breaks the Lebron James to Cleveland Story


I’m not an idiot. I know the story here is Lebron James. The prodigal son returning home. Whatever. Go read about that on another blog. Here? I’m am PSYCHED for Lee Jenkins, the man at Sports Illustrated that broke this story. A San Diego kid that has skyrocketed up the ranks to one of the most respected sports journalists in the world. I hesitate to say it at all because it sounds like a humble brag, but I’m buddies with Lee and this is just one of those times where you feel blessed to be friends with someone. Such a good dude. Such a good family. I just couldn’t possibly be happier for the Jenkins clan.

Hard work and incredible writing pays off. There’s a reason Lebron chose him, and specifically him.


Good on you, Lee… can’t wait to see what comes next.


(Also, I’m stoked that Lebron is going back to the Cavs. Good for him.)

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The Padres first ever GM??

There are a lot of Padres fans who can name most of the teams past General Managers. Since there has been only 9 to date, that’s not exactly that hard of a feat. A member of the 3rd class of the Padres Hall of Fame in 2001, Buzzie Bavasi, is usually where people start their list. According to numerous sites, including an article on Padres.com, he held that role from the inaugural season of 1969 until 1972.

However there has long been talk of Eddie Leishman holding that role during that time and Bavasi was actually the President of the team. As an avid old program collector I was recently browsing through one from the 1970 season recently and spotted this.


1970 Padres Program

President Buzzie Bavasi - Page 1

President Buzzie Bavasi – Page 1

Eddie Leishman General Manager Page 4

Eddie Leishman General Manager – Page 4


Officers – Page 9

There it is. Clear as day.

Add to that it is listed in that order in the 1969, 1970, 1971 & 1972 Media Guides. It’s pretty obvious that Presidents wield more power than the General Managers, so perhaps Bavasi was the one pulling the strings the whole time? However Leishman was replaced as GM in 1973 by Buzzie’s son Peter. Buzzie stayed on as the teams President until 1977. So Buzzie most likely continued to pull the strings until 1977. So why does Leishman’s name get erased from the record books and Peter Bavasi’s doesn’t?


As per usual, the Padres website doesn’t help out at all when it comes to history. It currently only lists the last 6 GM’s (up to 1980). Good effort.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 1.24.20 PM

Here are some more fun ads and what-nots from that program that I thought you’d enjoy.

Rick can be found all over the place these days. To make things easy on yourself, just follow him on Twitter @RJsFro and he’ll point you in the right direction.

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Paul McCartney is Coming to Petco Park… So is a New Twitter Handle


Interesting thing went down today in Padres land. They introduced a brand new @PetcoPark twitter handle and used it to announce and promote Paul McCartney coming to San Diego for a concert. I enjoy watching this stuff unfold. It started yesterday…

Then Bernie Wilson called his shot…


Then came the official announcement from the brand new twitter handle, that was then RT’d by the official @Padres account, as well as some Padres front office employees.

The Padres staff ran with it…   

San Diego media REACTed…

This will shock you… bloggers had something to say.

San Diego 6 on top of their game with a “BREAKING” tweet after about a billion people had reported it.

Confirmed by Sir Paul himself… so San Diego 6 was dead-on with their sources.

The new twitter account gained about 100 followers in the first hour. Now let’s see how good the new twitter account is at responding to fans. LUIGI!!!

Anyway, most of you probably don’t care about this kinda stuff and how it unfolds, but I found it pretty savvy that the Padres decided to launch a new twitter handle by using one of the most popular musical names in history.


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Brazil Has Two New Flags…


If you lose 7-1 to Germany when you’re the host nation in the World Cup… you can count on the internet reacting. Sad face flag made by @Nick_Pants and ball net flag made by @ZooWithRoy.


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Poor Dick Enberg…

So, my Vine of Dick Enberg’s “touch-em-all?” call on Chase Headley’s triple has gone national. Awful Announcing has posted it. Larry Brown Sports posted it. (Irony here is that Larry Brown blocked me on twitter… still no clue why.) That’s cool to get a bunch of national folks looking at my stuff and all, but it also bums me out in this particular case.

I’m not trying to bash Enberg. I’ve said it before here on LobShots, and I’ll say it again… I think Enberg is a hall of fame announcer. However, he’s lost a step. He’s almost 80, and the reality is that it’s time to hang ‘em up. And for the record, this isn’t just about age… I know that. Vin Scully is as good as ever. But it’s not fair to compare anybody to Vin Scully. Enberg is a legend in his own right, but nobody wants to remember him as the guy whose eye sight is failing him on play by play calls.  

I want to make something else clear… in an age where announcers are often getting themselves into trouble because they’ve said something offensive or mean or derogatory… I applaud Enberg, because he didn’t do any of that… he just blew a call. In the grand scheme, it’s minor. It happens. I’m sure I’ve written more terrible blogs than Enberg has blown calls. Imagine if Enberg called me out on the air every time one of my blogs sucked. That kinda scrutiny is harsh. So harsh that everybody is mocking Dick because of this call. Tough business he’s in.

Here’s to hoping FSSD can gracefully find a role more suitable for Mr. Enberg.


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