Alex Torres’ Giant Lid Landed Me on The Today Show


So Alex Torres became the first ever player to rock this new protective lid in a game. I tweeted out the above photo of that massive lid… then shortly after… tweeted this.  

Apparently that tweet caught the eye of The Today Show. How? I have no clue.


A friend from CincyShirts, Darin, send me that screengrab in a text. “Carson Daly thinks you’re funny.”

Anyway, I thought that was pretty cool. There were a lot of funny reactions to the initial tweet about the hat. Here are a few of the comparisons folks came up with. Pretty good.


For the record, I love this hat. I’d wear if I was a pitcher because it could save my life. I’d wear if I was a blogger (which I am!) because it’s hilarious. I want to buy one.


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The Josh Byrnes Era is Over…


The Padres fired their GM Josh Byrnes yesterday. The Padres are terrible. Something had to change. Byrnes took the fall. The U-T has a good write up on how/why it went down with quotes and all that fun stuff. Buddy Black was assured he’d remain as manager at least through the end of the 2014 season.

Just realized that this is the first non-Tony Gwynn post on LobShots in a week. How depressing.


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Another Tony Gwynn Tribute…


It’s okay, honey. I… I was just talking to the cornfield…


[image via @nick_pants]

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Thank You, San Diego County

Not saying that San Diego County put this back up because I asked them to, but it’s pretty cool that they directly responded to my request to do so. It was no small undertaking either. Here’s the video of it going up, along with a tribute to Mr. Padre.

YouTube Preview Image

Really cool. Really special. (Comical that there’s still a Cox/Channel 4 ad in the bottom corner.)


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Massive Tony Gwynn Jersey To Hang High Once More…

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Amazing Photo At the Tony Gwynn Statue…


You’ll see this image floating around the internet a lot this week, probably without credit. My buddy Chris, (@sportsbrain) snapped the photo.

Right place at the right time for a powerful image. A bit of a hidden gem in this image is that it takes us down memory lane with the jerseys. Gwynn wore so many for the Padres.

Left to right, the jerseys I see: ’85-’90 home, ’97-’03 alternate, ’80-’84 home, ’97-’03 alternate, ’91-’00 home, ’80-’84 home batting practice, and ’80-’84 home. Those jerseys span Gwynn’s entire Padres career. Pretty cool.


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The Sad Friar


Incredible artwork from my friend Ernie Martinez over XtraSports1360.

RIP, Tony Gwynn.


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A Fifty Foot Tony Gwynn Flag is Sailing the San Diego Seas…


That is so awesome… need to know more about this. Great call on the ’84 Padres font. How did he do this all so fast? That massive flag, with all the perfect paint colors, and the perfect font. How do you get that giant 19 to scale perfectly when you’re working with a fifty foot flag? All of this is so cool. What a neat idea for a tribute to the great Tony Gwynn. 

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Vin Scully Tribute to Tony Gwynn

Full disclosure, my eyes welled up the second Vin said the words “Tony Gwynn” – that’s all it took. Vin Scully is the best storyteller in baseball, I’m so happy he shared his thoughts on Tony.


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Even the NBA is Recognizing Tony Gwynn

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