Happy Halloween, Padres Style…

gwynn-coleman-padres pumpkin

Amazing. That’s the handy work of the incredible @Jodes0405 - an amazing tribute to Tony Gwynn and Jerry Coleman.

If she learns how to make pancakes… she’ll put mine to shame. Remember, that’s not her first Padres pumpkin. This year, she’s bound to win the Padres pumpkin instagram contest. Here’s the stiff competition that she’s up against…  

I laughed.


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YouTube Preview Image

YouTube – SDSU’s baseball program held its annual Halloween Game on Sunday afternoon at Tony Gwynn Stadium – and surprised the crowd with a special “Thriller” flash mob on the infield diamond.



[ht @SDSUChristian]

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Is Jahleel Addae Okay?

jahleel addae concussion

More on this later… crazy game, coupled with a crazy night on twitter (sounds dumb, I know) – Chargers lost on the road to a very good Broncos team. More importantly, I hope Jahleel Addae is okay. I hope it really was just a stinger… but I doubt it.

Keep in mind… that came AFTER this play earlier in the game, where Jahleel went limp to the ground.

YouTube Preview Image

That YouTube clip is from Bolts From the Blue, who wrote a rather damning piece about the Chargers use of Addae in this game.

Coming in hot is nothing new for Jahleel Addae either… this is from last week:

Anyway, more on this later…


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“Broncos Face Charges”


I laughed.

Go Bolts.


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Congrats, Peyton


Chargers lost, but at least Peyton Manning won’t break the touchdown record against them. That’s the only bright side to playing the Broncos on a short week after losing to the Chefs at home.


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Help Keep Little Kids Safe!


My buddy Charlie started a youth sports injury education/prevention company: Agency for Student Health Research. The company is currently in the running for a local grant… which, if they win, they’ll launch a statewide injury surveillance program for every high school in California with the goal of better understanding/preventing/managing sports injury.

According to their website, they’re goal: “Achieving the safest possible environment for all children.” 

Who opposes children’s safety? Nobody. Certainly not you.

**UPDATE – they got enough votes to qualify. thanks, guys**

Anyone interested in assisting Charlie, the voting ends today. PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Go Chargers.


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Philip Rivers Shines Bright in a Terribly Produced Thursday Night Football Interview


YouTube Preview Image

Philip Rivers. What a stud. Can’t hear anything these clowns are asking him on the field in the middle of a halftime show… still managed to give great answers to questions he basically made up in his own head. Amazing. I didn’t see it live because I was putting my kids to bed, but I asked for it once I saw how twitter responded, which was brilliant.




Keep in mind, the last time Rivers did an interview with the Thursday Night Football crew, he showed his bolo time and rattlesnake skin boots to the world…

YouTube Preview Image

The legend of Philip Rivers grows…


[lead image via @NFLonCBS - thanks to Damon, @nutzgrant for the video]

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No Stopping the Royals…

Even ballsier when you realize he used to play for the O’s and the fans loved him even though the team sucked. Bold, bold move. These Royals are destined for greatness. There will be no bloody sock man for the O’s.  

Kinda bummed he apologized. Embrace it, Jeremy!

#BeatTheGiants or #BeatTheCards – whichever…


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Go American League!


I’ve always been an NL lover. But this year, I don’t care who wins the NLCS… I strongly dislike both the Giants and the Cardinals. I’m pulling for the American League to win it all. Would love to see either the O’s or Royals there.



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Tom Brady Played for the Padres


Click bait! Click bait! Don’t fall for it! You fell for it.


[lobbed by Showman via Tom's FB Page]

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