A Powder Blue Chargers Helmet?

bolts-powder-blue helmets

Nobody loves the powder blues more than me. But this? This is too much. Nope.

Deeyung Entertainment posted a ton of new NFL helmets on imgur and that’s the Chargers design they came up with. I’m all about mixing it up, but that just looks too cartoonish to me, and there’s no history with it. If you’re gonna bring back a blue helmet, make it the Fouts royal blue with the yellow face mask.




[ht @PhilHecken]

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SDSU Baseball Tony Gwynn Weekend

SDSU baseball players wore Tony Gwynn's jerseys for the national anthem prior to their home opener against Washington on Friday, Feb. 17, 2012. Gwynn, the coach of the Aztecs is in the hospital recovering from surgery after removing a tumor in his cheek. — K.C. Alfred, UT San Diego

SDSU baseball players wore Tony Gwynn’s jerseys for the national anthem prior to their home opener against Washington on Friday, Feb. 17, 2012. Gwynn, the coach of the Aztecs is in the hospital recovering from surgery after removing a tumor in his cheek. — K.C. Alfred, UT San Diego

The San Diego State baseball program is doing some really cool stuff this weekend to honor the memory of the great Tony Gwynn. At their baseball game Friday night, Feb 13th, where they’ll be retiring Tony’s number and handing out commemorative“TG” pins to the first 1,500 fans. I plan on being there and I hope you guys do too. Uncle Teddy will be emceeing the pre-game festivities and Stephen Strasburg will be there as well.

From the Aztecs website, here are all the activities planned over the week at SDSU to honor Tony:

SAN DIEGO - San Diego State will honor the memory of Tony Gwynn during its season-opening weekend as it hosts Valparaiso for the three-game series Feb. 13-15. Among the events planned are the retirement of Gwynn’s No. 19 SDSU jersey, an Aztecs vs. Cancer event and a tribute to SDSU’s Golden Spikes Award winners Stephen Strasburg and Travis Lee.

The week begins with the monthly Aztec Coaches luncheon on Monday, Feb. 9, at the Courtyard Marriott Central. The luncheon will feature Aztec Head Coach Mark Martinez along with a selected player presenting a preview of the weekend’s activities as well as a look at the upcoming season. Cost of the luncheon is $20 with check-in starting at 11:00 a.m. and the luncheon getting underway at 11:30 a.m. For more information and to make reservations contact Sydney Bates at (619) 594-0960 or via e-mail at [email protected]

On Wednesday, Feb. 11, the baseball team will receive their rings for winning the 2014 Mountain West championship during halftime of the men’s basketball game vs. Wyoming that starts at 8:00 p.m. Prior to the contest, Gwynn’s daughter, Anisha, will sing the national anthem after family members help lead the traditional “I Believe” chant. Members of Gwynn’s family will be on hand to accept his ring during the halftime ceremony.

The Aztecs will give out commemorative t-shirts featuring Gwynn’s basketball number 24 to the first 2500 student in attendance at the basketball game with those shirts also available to the general public for a nominal fee.

On Friday, Feb. 13, the Aztecs will host a VIP reception from 4:00-5:30 p.m. at Tony Gwynn Stadium prior to the season opener vs. Valparaiso. The reception is open to San Diego State baseball letterwinners who played under Gwynn as well as his former teammates at SDSU along with invited dignitaries. Athletes are asked to RSVP for the reception as soon as possible to Sydney Bates at (619) 594-0960 or via e-mail at [email protected]

The pre-game ceremony to retire Coach Gwynn’s jersey will get underway prior to that evening’s game with Ted Leitner serving as emcee. SDSU Director of Athletics Jim Sterk will speak along with a member of the Gwynn family. Commemorative Tony Gwynn  pins will be distributed to the first 1500 fans in attendance at the game

Also in attendance will be former Aztec and current Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg as new artwork on the wall behind right field showing Gwynn along with SDSU Golden Spikes winners Strasburg and Travis Lee will be christened. Strasburg will also be at Saturday’s contest recognizing him and Lee as two of the Aztecs’ all-time best.

On Saturday (Feb. 14, 1:00 p.m.), the baseball team will sponsor an Aztecs vs. Cancer event in Gwynn’s honor. Prior to the game several players will have their heads shaved in support of Coach Gwynn’s fight against cancer as well as someone in their lives who has been struck by the disease. A preview of that event may be seen by clicking here. Fans can help the baseball team reach its fundraising goal by clicking here. SDSU will also pay tribute to Strasburg and Lee by handing out Golden Spikes t-shirts to the first 500 fans in attendance for the 1:00 p.m. contest.

Opening weekend will conclude on Sunday, Feb. 15, with the third game vs. Valparaiso set to begin at noon. During that contest the Aztecs will be hosting the West Covina Little League, an organization that held a special place for Gwynn. The players and coaches will hold a clinic for the little leaguers after the game.

The San Diego State baseball team, along with several other teams in the Mountain West, will be wearing commemorative Tony Gwynn “TG” patches on their uniforms throughout the 2015 season.

Tickets for San Diego State’s opening weekend baseball games can be purchased in advance online at www.GoAztecs.com, at the Aztec Ticket Office at Qualcomm Stadium Gate E, by calling (619) 283-7378.


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Padres Retired Numbers


I’ve never been a supporter of Garvey’s number being retired by the Padres, so when I saw the photo of Sarah Silverman rocking number 6… this was inevitable. I’ve been over this before in a previous blog: “Funny thing about Garvey… people think that because I’m opposed to Garvey’s number being retired by SD that I didn’t like him as a player. That’s not the case at all. Somewhere behind Mickey Mantle, Bo Jackson, and Tony Gwynn… Garvey sits as one of my top 10 favorite ballplayers of all-time. Just feels weird that a self-proclaimed lifelong Dodger has a number up on the batter’s eye at Petco. (He spent 14 seasons in LA, and 5 in SD… the Dodgers have NOT retired his number.) Want to hear the most compelling argument that I’ve ever heard for retiring Garvey’s no. 6? Tony Gwynn once said that Garvey’s home run in ’84 was the most memorable moment of his career. With that career, the most memorable moment of Tony’s career wasn’t even one of Tony’s moments. Incredible. That alone tells me that maybe I should just shut up, let it go, and accept that the Padres retired his number.”

Regardless of your position on Garvey’s number, one thing all Padres can agree on is the optimism we hold for 2015. I’m fired up for this season with all the off-season moves by AJ Preller, Rockstar GM. I even checked Titanbet and the Padres odds of winning the World Series this year. I’ve never checked World Series odds like that… whether they win or not, isn’t it cool to feel like they’ve got a shot? Yes, yes it is.


[Joe from Gaslamp Ball found the Sarah Silverman photo, taken by Jonathan Daniel/ Getty Images]

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Jimmy Fallon is a Genius


YouTube Preview Image

I laughed. I cried. I took a trip down memory lane. Brilliant. Aside from Belding, cast looks damn good too. Didn’t think he’d be able to top the Fresh Prince recreation… he just did with Saved by the Bell.

YouTube Preview Image


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Eric Weddle Just DESTROYED Warren Sapp. Destroyed!


Watch what you tweet, kids. My oh my… ole Sapp may never recover from this one.




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Padres Let Bloggers Announce 2015 Promotional Items


The Padres marketing team is pretty smart. Last night, they let local bloggers announce a handful of the team’s promotional giveaway items for the 2015 season. 



Why is this smart, you ask? I’ll tell you. They picked a few bloggers (read: glorified fans, and the glorified part is highly debatable) and they let them tweet out upcoming promotions. This gave us bloggers a sense of inclusion and appreciation, deserved or not. It gave us exposure because the @Padres official account retweeted the announcements, so the information still got out the same as it would’ve had the Padres announced it themselves. Smart move on their part… and it worked. They got #PadresPromos trending.

Now, bring on the “team shill” talk from the internet peanut gallery. So, what do you think of the promotions? HUGE fan of the brown pinstripes. Go Radres! 

*update* click here for a complete list of the 2015 Padres promotional items. also…



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A Beautiful Brown Padres Uniform Redesign



(click each image to enlarge in high-res)

These are fantastic. As a long time supporter of the Bring Back the Brown movement in San Diego, I love these.

I asked the creator of these Padres uniform mockups (and photoshop master), John Brubaker, to comment on his creation. His inspiration? Tony Gwynn, of course.

How many teams have blue? How many have red? But none of ’em have brown… I just thought there was something neat about that. I just thought it looked beautiful. More than just beautiful, I liked the sentiment behind it of, ‘This is who we are.’ – Tony Gwynn

John: I couldn’t explain the motivation for this uniform redesign project any better than the late, great Tony Gwynn put it right there. Brown is who the Padres are. Every time the Padres wear brown they stand out from the crowd and become immediately recognizable as the San Diego Padres. When you see them wearing brown, you forget about the team that has sheepishly changed their uniforms a dozen times in their short history, and instead see a bold, unique team from San Diego that’s confident in who they are and proud of their identity.


Thanks, John! Great work. Your move, Mike Dee and Wayne Partello.


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Another Disappointing End to the Chargers Season


As you can tell, I haven’t had a lot of time to blog these days… but it felt weird to not throw up a post acknowledging that the Chargers lost to the Chiefs, and their backup QB, for a shot at the post-season. Frustrating game. Frustrating season. Just couldn’t stay healthy.

What am I supposed to Vine on Sundays now? Pumped for the 2015 season though. Super Bowl or bust, kids.


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Scary, Scary Moment for SDSU Basketball

That is scary stuff right there. Everything I’ve seen says Dwayne Polee is in the hospital and is responsive while they run tests on him… but man, that was frightening. Here is the U-T story which I’m sure will be updated as his condition progresses. I’m guessing I’m not the only one that immediately thought of Hank Gathers. Crazy to think that was 25 years ago. Prayers lifted for Polee.


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Padres Making Moves!! AJ Preller is on the Loose!!


Feels good to be a Padres fan! Padres new GM, AJ Preller, shows no mercy! Twitter just exploded with joy last night… prompting this tweet, with artwork that I asked @nick_pants to make last season.

Here’s how the national media responded.  (with updated Upton rumor!!!!!!)  




How ’bout that!? Here’s how I responded…


And in conclusion….


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