Bouncing Lamb!

What a great Vine. I’ve probably watching it 20 of the 5 million + times it’s been watched.


[lobbed by Sam]

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Johnny Jam Boogie

YouTube Preview Image

Come on gang! Move those thighs! Who’s got a pelvis?” Pretty good, Johnny. Great commercial. I approve.


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The Padres Did Something Silly

I don’t understand this decision. Selig? Of all people… Bud Freaking Selig? Why? He’s on his way out as commish. The Padres were already gonna get an All-Star game, right? So, why are the Padres sucking up to him? I just don’t get it. At all. (Want a good laugh? Click on those links to the above tweets to see the fan responses on twitter. NSFW, kids. Matt Hall at the U-T also put together a fine collection of tweets/quotes about the new name)

Matt Calkins from U-T San Diego has a great write-up, with video, of the dedication

There are two tweets from the U-T’s Jay Posner that really stood out.

If you don’t know your classic San Diego sports media history… this is the famous exchange Jay Posner was talking about.  I try to check myself when decisions like this Selig Plaza are made… am I overreacting? Are fans overreacting? I second-guess myself. Then Sports Illustrated’s Lee Jenkins weighs in and totally validates my emotions.

Where’s Steve-O (who is an idiot) when you need him?

Begs the question…  


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That Pug Life…


That right there… that’s funny.


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Try to Keep Up, Rovell…


This exchange made me laugh much harder than it should have… hilarious.


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Two Former Chargers QBs, One Amazing Twitter Exchange



I love Drew Brees. I love Doug Flutie. I love this little twitter exchange so much. The Smokey and the Bandit hashtag. All of it is perfect.

What’s the backstory there? That Brees made Flutie buy his TransAm? Need to know. I mean, I know they’re boys… but what’s the story there?

Isn’t it crazy that in 2004, the Chargers had Drew Brees, Doug Flutie, AND Philip Rivers on their roster?

Also, is that Billy Madison’s whip? I think it is.

YouTube Preview Image



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Chargers vs. Niners Recap, Vine Style


For Chargers fans, I must be the most ghetto Vine follow ever. I watch Chargers games, if I see something noteworthy, I’ll pause my DVR, rewind, and record a Vine of my TV. So ghetto. Anyway, I figured if I’m gonna post all those to twitter, I might as well link them up here as well because, terrible as they are, they’re probably better than the ESPN highlights. Here we go… the game as I saw it.

Then I stopped watching… hope you enjoyed. Bolts ended up losing, but really, they won. 

By the way, my favorite is when P. Riv pretended he was gonna tuck and run. 


[lead image and a full recap here from @chargers]

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Fire Shirt From Federer


Oh, you like your tee? Federer’s is betterer. Love this.

They’re $40 a pop online. Too much for a tee… even an awesome tee.


[lobbed by John Gennaro]

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[ht @SBNation]

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Philip Rivers in Crocs


First bolo ties… now Crocs with socks? Philip Rivers is full-blown fashion icon.


[pic via Natasha Sweatte]

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