Scary, Scary Moment for SDSU Basketball

That is scary stuff right there. Everything I’ve seen says Dwayne Polee is in the hospital and is responsive while they run tests on him… but man, that was frightening. Here is the U-T story which I’m sure will be updated as his condition progresses. I’m guessing I’m not the only one that immediately thought of Hank Gathers. Crazy to think that was 25 years ago. Prayers lifted for Polee.


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Padres Making Moves!! AJ Preller is on the Loose!!


Feels good to be a Padres fan! Padres new GM, AJ Preller, shows no mercy! Twitter just exploded with joy last night… prompting this tweet, with artwork that I asked @nick_pants to make last season.

Here’s how the national media responded.  (with updated Upton rumor!!!!!!)  




How ’bout that!? Here’s how I responded…


And in conclusion….


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Philip Rivers Has a Significant Back Injury? Ruh Roh…



Every single injury on the Chargers sucks… every one. But, they’re all noise compared to this. Sure, Magic Mike and Philip Rivers both say they expect him to play on Saturday night, but I’m telling you… the Chargers ALWAYS have a chance with Daddy Giraffe on the field. Without him, they’re toast. You can’t say that about any other player on the team. But hey, Rivers is tough as nails and let’s hope Schefty’s source is exaggerating.

Total side plot to all this is the local media getting scooped.


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Dan Sileo is… Droppin’ Knowledge!


What you’re about to watch is a miracle… give it a look, and I’ll explain how…

YouTube Preview Image


I know what you’re thinking, “That looks like a cheap Jr. High school project gone bad, not a miracle… what are you talking about, BP?” I’ll get to that… first, let’s play catch up. I don’t have any San Diego “sports radio alliances” or anything, I have friends at both The Mighty 1090 and XTRA Sports 1360 Fox Sports San Diego. I listen to whoever is best on the air, doesn’t matter what station they’re on. Also, I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again… If you’re here, you know I’m bit of a self-proclaimed San Diego sports media critic. I’m not a journalist. I’m a blogger. I offer up very biased opinions. I’m not objective. I’m very subjective. Just making sure we’re clear on that. Now, let the overreactions begin! 

WHAT THE HELL IS THE MIGHTY 1090 THINKING WITH THIS “DROPPIN’ KNOWLEDGE WITH DAN SILEO” CLIP? Creating this clip might be the Mighty 1090′s worst decision since hiring Dan Sileo. I wrote about him when he was hired. Previously “Sileo had been fired for calling 3 African American NFL players “monkeys.” He’d been fired for a series of sexist tweets to Erin Andrews that included him telling her to “bake me a cake.” Most recently, he’d been fired for putting a bounty on a Florida State player on his Twitter account.” I also tweeted a few things…

But since then… I’ve mostly left Sileo alone. Why? Because he’s not worth my time. I’m not going to listen to his show… so I can’t really accurately critique it. So, I’ve just let him be… wondering all along why 1090 hired him in the first place. Then this video clip happened… I can’t be silent any longer.

Let me be clear on a few things… I actually think the message here from Sileo is fine. It’s safe. He’s supporting athletes’ right to free speech, their right to defend social injustices. He’s commending guys like Lebron and D. Rose about their “I Can’t Breathe” shirts (interesting he didn’t mention Melvin Ingram on the hometown Chargers who did the same thing) He mentioned: “We get on people so much in the sports world for not being able to express themselves…” Well, Dan, you’re right, we do. Same applies to the media themselves. Here we go…

Again I ask… WHAT THE HELL IS THE MIGHTY 1090 THINKING WITH THIS “DROPPIN’ KNOWLEDGE WITH DAN SILEO” CLIP? Who thought the premise for this was a good idea in the first place? Ohh… droppin’ knowledge! — actually filmed in a bathroom stall!!! — A huge water plopping sound with a fart noise, with a headline font that looks like actual poop splashing out of a toilet!!!


Droppin’ knowledge… droppin’ a deuce… in the bathroom… GET IT!? OH!!! THIS IS GONNA BE HILARIOUS! No. No no no. It’s terrible. It’s juvenile. It’s so far from funny that I can barely wrap my head around this. This kind of ‘humor’ might have been funny when I was in elementary school. Maybe. That’s just my critique on the idea behind this. Now, onto the content. It takes a lot to offend me. I’m not above laughing at things I probably shouldn’t laugh at… but this, this isn’t funny, this is downright offensive.

Also, an LA Galaxy beanie with a Tampa Bay Lightening jersey? Way to be in touch with your San Diego sports audience for your inaugural episode.

Remember that ‘miracle’ we talked about? It’s a miracle that Sileo was able to actually take a worthy stance on something, the right for players to protest and express their view on terrible social/racial injustices, and somehow SPIN IT TO BE OFFENSIVE. You just climbed out of a bathroom stall with your hands up, jokingly saying, “I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!” Haha! You thought it was funny to joke about how a man died on the streets with how terrible a bathroom stall smelled? The hell is wrong with you, Sileo? Good grief, man, talk about ignorance and insensitivity. As a privileged white male, I understand the irony of me calling out another privileged white male on his insensitivity to a subject stemming from horrendous injustices from white authorities on black men. My right to speak to this… is a topic for another blog. The topic of this blog is centered directly around a guy, who’s been fired for both racial and misogynistic insensitivity, being once again, completely oblivious to the sensitivity of the subject he’s speaking on.

Amazing that 1090 allowed this to happen. If you’re not like me, if you think I’m once again overreacting and making something out of nothing… well, you’re in luck. Your boy Sileo just released a volume two of Droppin’ Knowledge.

YouTube Preview Image


This one features an extra post-pooping grunt and sigh from Sileo before he comes out of the stall. Hilarious!


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Matt Kemp to the Padres!


Can your city say they have the most gorgeous man in baseball? San Diego can! Dennis Lin from the UT San Diego and USA Today’s Bob Nightengale are reporting the deal is done pending physicals and the Commissioner’s sign-off.  See ya later, Grandal. Hellooooooooo Matt Kemp!  

Keep swinging for the fences, Preller.


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Holiday Wonderland at Petco Park is Here!


It’s here! It’s tonight. I’m going. I genuinely can’t remember being this excited to take my family to a holiday event. I love Christmas. I love doing fun holiday events with the family. A snow hill, Santa Claus, Frozen characters, an ice rink, a giant tree, a Candyland… the list goes on. This is going to be a complete Petco Park transformation. I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old, and I’m so pumped. They have no idea the magic that awaits them. Honestly, even if I had no kids, I would 100% take my wife on a date night here. I know this sounds over-the-top cheeseball, but I’m not kidding, I love that the Padres are doing this. LOVE.

I haven’t ever heard of another Major League team doing something like this. I think this is going to become a game-changer. I think it’s going to set an industry standard. Mark my words, cities with MLB teams all across the nation are going to do this next year and they’re going to use Petco Park as the model on how to make it happen.

Oh, and if you’re a fan that’s approaching this event as a money grab by the Padres that need to focus on getting a big bat in the lineup instead of Holiday events… I have thoughts on that….

This event and free agency/product on the field have NOTHING to do with each other. Nothing. If anything, the Padres are bringing in extra money from the event. Maybe they’ll buy Matt Kemp with your popcorn money. 

Here are a few of the tweets from prep and the pre-opening VIP night on Thursday.  

Seriously so pumped to go tonight. Gotta feeling I’ll be taking my family more than once.


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Spray Tan Murray!


I’m not trying to make light of somebody’s marriage crumbling apart here, I feel terrible for Brennan Clay and can’t fathom going through what he is. However, I can also appreciate a good timely joke, and that t-shirt is friggin funny. Furthermore, if Brennan Clay is gonna joke about it, (what else can he do at this point?) then I guess it’s okay for us to? I don’t know. If you don’t know why Demarco Murray’s new nickname is Spray Tan… you should probably read this. Messed up.

Click here to buy the Spray Tan t-shirt… only $19.99er.


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Did Gronk Hit the Strip Club After Bar Hopping in Pacific Beach?

gronk party

I wasn’t able to confirm what you see above, so let’s just take it for what it is… a facebook post. Technically, could be true… could be a lie. But what I see is a lovely lady that got to hang out with Rob Gronkowski and Jonas Gray. She got their autographs on her t-shirt (I can’t make out the middle autograph)… and if I’m reading her hashtags correctly, she did have a fun night with Gronk. In no order in particular, they went to Tavern, a bar in PB, Wendy’s fast food, and Pacers Showgirls, which for you out-of-towners, is a strip club in Point Loma. No, I won’t link it.

Oh, and don’t think I’m gonna let that “Whatcha know about Jonas Gray ;) ” comment slide. Especially with a topless bar involved, there’s about 7 billion ways you could read into that comment… winky smiley.

Listen, this is Gronk. This is a surprise to no one. This is what he does…. allegedly. I mean, we knew Gronk was roaming around PB last night… just not to what extent. Officially… we still don’t know.


Maybe this matters… maybe it doesn’t. Maybe Belichick will care, maybe he already knows and won’t (doubt that). Either way, here’s to Gronk going out in PB every night this week, staying ’til close, and playing miserably on Sunday night! Go Bolts!


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Bieber Hanging With the Patriots is Terrible News for the Chargers…


That headline isn’t a typo. “It should say *good* news, man! Bieber is a curse!” Yeah, that’s what everybody wants you to think. We all know Bieber’s a curse… so that means everybody now thinks the Patriots are cursed. This is just what Belichick wants. He’s got one of the best teams in the league, one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game, and somehow, the internet now wants you to believe this is the Chargers game to lose… that the Chargers should be favored! I mean… EVERYBODY is now saying the Pats are cursed.  

See what I mean? Everybody knows the Bieber curse… so, now it’s like a reverse-curse, just like Belichick planned it. If you don’t realize that this is all a play to get the Chargers all confident so that the Sith Hoodie can come in to the Q and annihilate the Bolts, you’re not paying attention. Obviously, Belichick sold his soul to the devil and this is all part of the evil plan.

Don’t fall for it, Bolts! Stay strong. Good shall overcome evil… The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it! Don’t take the bait, Magic Mike! Be strong. Go Chargers!

Also, could Bieber be more of a little twit? No.


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The Jurassic World Trailer is Here…

YouTube Preview Image

I was in 8th grade when the first Jurassic Park came out… one of the most incredible movie theater experiences of my life. For the technology, for the nostalgia, and for whatever crackpot story-line they’ve got… I’m fired up for this movie.

Also, big fan of Bryce Dallas Howard.



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