The 2013 Red Sox World Series Championship Ring


The Hall of Fame President tweeted out those photos of Red Sox ring. A shame they didn’t make “COMMISSIONER SELIG” in bigger print. It’s a little too subtle. I was particularly fascinated by the “bearded brothers” logo on the inside of the ring. Sure looks a lot like those shirts Portnoy made.


He’s probably pissed.


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DJ Fluker, Still a Massive Human Being

Hands and biceps are gigantic. Teddy bear off the field. Monster on the field.


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A Lesson in Spacing


Yeah, it is!!! So this is a pub in the UK. I guess spacing isn’t as important over there.

To be honest, the name Wig & Penis makes as much sense to me as the Wig & Pen.

pen is mightier


[full story here]

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Amazing Mickey Rooney Story About a Disney Mouse


My jaw dropped when I read this Esquire piece about the Mickey Rooney, who recently died, on April 6, 2014. I had no idea about the Mortimer Mouse story.

This interview, never before published, took place on December 13, 2006.

It’s true. As a kid, I was shooting Mickey McGuire — from the cartoon that used to be in the newspapers. One day, we broke for lunch. My mother had given me 10 cents to buy a sandwich. As I was walking past some offices in the studio, I passed an open door. A man inside called me in and asked who I was. I explained that I was working on Mickey McGuire. He said: “Nice to meet you. I’m Walt Disney. Let me show you something.” He pointed to a picture of a mouse. I said: “That’s wonderful. What do you call him?”

He said: “Mortimer Mouse.” I looked over a lot of illustrations, and Walt said: “I’m glad you liked them, Mickey — ” Then he stopped. You could see a thought flash through his mind, and he said: “Would you mind if I named this mouse after you?” I said: “That’s fine, but right now I have to go get a cheese sandwich.”

Oh, you want to name the most famous cartoon character in the history of mankind after me? Sure, but I gotta go get a cheese sandwich. Incredible.


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San Diego Chargers Uniform Concept Design


An artist named Jesse Alkire has done a new design for the Chargers uniforms.


Here’s his description of the concept behind the new Chargers unis.

Superfluous outlines are removed for a clean, modern look. And following the lead of teams in warmer climates, the road whites become the home set.

Classic looks return as the bolts are moved back on to the shoulders and gold pants become an option at home or on the road.

A white matte helmet is combined with a glossy, reflective lightning bolt which changes shade when activated by light and movement. Flashy golden shoes also add to the electric aesthetic created when players are in motion.

What do you guys think?


[you can find all 32 NFL team designs from Jesse Alkire here.]

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Keep Doing You, Fox & Friends… Keep Doing You

YouTube Preview Image

So the Huskies didn’t win the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People? Got it.

Congrats, YUKON!


[ht Awful Announcing]

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The Hulkster With a Tear-Jerking Tweet

Man. I’m not 10 years old anymore, so I didn’t watch any WrestleMania this year… but that photo is touching. I LOVED Andre the Giant.



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“Do Me a Favor… Do Something Nice for Someone Else.”


Love this. A wallet found at a Marlins game… returned to the owner. Oh, you thought it was awesome of me to return your wallet? Here it is with more cash than when you lost it. Complete mind-blower. Warms the ticker.


[via MLB Fan Cave]

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Yogi Berra’s Granddaughter is Awesome

So good.


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