May the Fourth Be With Your Baseball Cards

I’ve never heard of Star Wars Day until everybody on twitter started dropping “May the Fourth be with you” bombs. Anyway, I figured I’d get in on the fun a little bit, because I do love Star Wars, and I love baseball cards. I stumbled across a very talented man named Travis Peterson who runs a blog called PunkRockPaint. He’s also out of San Diego, and he photoshops baseball cards. It’s amazing. A side-by-side example of what’s he’s doing, this one with a 1934 Goudey card.

Now you get the idea… here are a few more. So freakin’ awesome. I want all of them.

As Padres fans, let’s bring a little bit of San Diego into the equation…

I was able to find the “card” our buddy used for this gem… 1975. Padres, Podrace. Zing!

So awesome.


(originally posted this back in 2012, but since it’s still awesome, i re-posted today)

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Padres Social Hour


This… this was awesome. Huge thanks to Jesse Agler, Randy Jones, and the Padres for letting me join in on the television fun. This was a brand new segment for Padres Social Hour, “Old School vs. New School” – and it was a blast. I think I may have gotten hosed on the scoring, but I couldn’t care less. I loved every minute of it… starting with me telling RJ, “I’m saving up my good answers for when I debate your face off.” Who says that?

I was just going to post the video, and let it speak for itself, but I’ve decided to share a little bit more about it. On the surface, I try to play these things pretty cool. I don’t freak out over celebrity or athlete sightings/interactions… I try to act like I’ve been there before in any social setting. But every once in awhile, it helps me to take a step back and reflect for a second on the neat things that I’ve been able to do in life. This is one of those neat things in life. First things first, I’m a nobody in the baseball world… I’m a nobody in the blogging world. I recognize this. I’m a somebody to my two kids, 3 and 5 years old, that’s it. To everybody else… a nobody. I’m fine with that too… but it speaks to how cool it is that I was able to do something like this.

What is “this”? “This” is being able to sit down on a couch with a Cy Young award winning, former All-Star, whose number is retired over the batter’s eye at Petco Park…  and yucking it up like we’ve been best friends our entire lives. I absolutely loved it. I’m sitting there taking jabs at a baseball legend, and referring to myself as a Little League legend. What an idiot. It was so much fun for me. Randy Jones was a great sport, sitting down with a nobody and letting that nobody say insanely dumb things to him. Examples:

“Oh man, you are so doomed.” – in reference to my debate skills.

“Your hat is stupid” – after he questioned the authenticity of mine.

“Have a little conviction” – because he’d only brush back a hitter, not bean him.

“Maybe you should’ve done a little research” – in reference to my non-professional baseball career.

“You were a pitcher, you wouldn’t understand” – that one is especially good since I was referring to his knowledge of batting. RJ finished his career with 599 MLB at-bats, I finished mine with zero.

Couple of other random notes… 1) well played on the Jeff Cirillo drop, Jesse. 2) Neither RJ or I had seen the questions ahead of time. 3) I don’t think anybody understood my reference to Jordan Baker and #GumGate when I said I’d never argue with an umpire. 4) If you liked my t-shirt, you can buy it here. It is, of course, a reference to this San Diego legend. 5) Here’s to hoping I get to do this again sometime.


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It’s here…. and it’s incredible. Cannot wait.

YouTube Preview Image

“Chewy… we’re home.”


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It’s a Miracle! The Bloggers are Taking Over Again



Last year, I was pumped to be asked back to Bloggers Take Over with Fox Sports San Diego. This year? Thrilled be taking part again, and this time, we’re at Petco Park.  The first year with Megan Olivo was a blast. The second year with Jesse Agler was also awesome and filled with jokes from the previous year. This year with Mike Pomeranz is destined for great success. Here are the details:

San Diego - FOX Sports San Diego (FSSD) will return to Petco Park on Saturday, April 4th to produce the San Diego Padres vs. Mexico City Red Devils game. Coverage begins with the first Padres Live pre-game show of the season at 1:00 PM PST.

On Saturday, FSSD will debut its new set location inside of Petco Park. The 2015 location will be utilized for both pre- and post-game coverage throughout the season. Ownership group investor and owner of the Mexico City Red Devils, Alfredo Harp Helú, is set to be interviewed prior to first pitch during Padres Live.

In addition, FSSD announced today the return of “The Bloggers Take Over”, a special segment that will be added to Saturday’s Spring Training telecast in which three representatives of various San Diego Padres blogs will “take over” as broadcasters during a portion of the game. Padres Live host Mike Pomeranz will facilitate discussion from the fans’ perspective on topics relating to the team’s upcoming season.

The following are the bloggers participating:

  • Brady Phelps, Lobshots
  • Dex Bustarde, Gaslamp Ball
  • Rick Romero, RJ’s Fro / Padres Public

About FOX Sports San Diego

FOX Sports San Diego is the exclusive local TV home of the San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Clippers, and Anaheim Ducks and features San Diego State University and University of San Diego athletics. FOX Sports San Diego also airs Chargers Insider, #SDLive, Aztec Football with Rocky Long, Aztec Basketball with Steve Fisher, XTRA 1360 FOX Sports San Diego, and select programming from the UEFA Champions League, and the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship®).  Serving sports fans in San Diego, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Palm Springs, Yuma, Tucson and Albuquerque FOX Sports San Diego reaches 2.4 million homes and is available on AT&T U-verse, Cox, DIRECTV, Dish and Time Warner Cable. For complete regional sports coverage and channel listings, log-on to

fan fest

Time to go become an expert on the Diablos Rojos. I got this. 


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The Return of the Philip Rivers Mullet!


Philip Rivers is at it again. We found out last season that a handful of Chargers like to play softball around town in the offseason. The publicity they received hasn’t hindered them. They’ve still got a team this year, and they played last night. Somebody was kind enough to send me some photos. I just love that Rivers is still rocking the coaching shorts, high socks, and the fake mullet. Other teammates this year include Mike Scifres, Mike Windt, Dontrelle Inman, Donald Brown, Nick Hardwick, Kellen Clemens and Rivers’ younger brother Stephen. (Danny Woodhead, Nick Novak, and Eric Weddle were MIA last night) – this year the players wore their actual football numbers on their back too. Here are a few more shots from the game. A few action shots of the Daddy Giraffe.


For what it’s worth, the Chargers softball team lost 15-6.


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Take a Bow, A. J. Preller… Take a Bow


[I, Brady Phelps, wrote this article for 4L Magazine, a digital copy can be found here]


Let me tell you something, my friend: Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane. It’s got no use in Padres baseball. You’d better get used to that idea.

That’s what the past has felt like … every single offseason for the better part of a decade in San Diego.

[ Hopeless ]

But, what’s this? What is this I’m feeling? Not that same hope each team has every offseason just because they’re all tied for first place. No, this is different. Is this what it feels like to be relevant in Major League Baseball?

I’m overwhelmed. I don’t even know where to start. I don’t know what to do with these emotions. I don’t know how to begin writing an article on the Padres offseason, and what to expect in the 2015 season.

The Padres didn’t just have an offseason … they had a mega-offseason. A mega-offseason? I don’t even know what that means, but that’s what they just had.

The Padres have been a baseball afterthought. The NL West has been ruled by the Dodgers (who are now spending more money than the Yankees) and the Giants, who haven’t done much of anything except win the World Series every other year.

Now? Well, the good guys don’t have anything to show for it yet, but all the sudden … San Diego is all the rage around baseball. The Padres went from a completely irrelevant team to the most talked about team in all of baseball. How? How is that possible?

The man’s name is A. J. Preller.

Who is this A. J. Preller you speak of? What is this wizardry he’s brought to San Diego? Who is this man who came to San Diego from Arlington … and was handed a 1977 Vega only to somehow transform it into a brand-new Ferrari?

He’s a fictional character. He’s not real. He’s Superman. He’s some sort of bizarre combination of Geppetto, the master puppeteer, and Don Corleone, making every team in baseball an offer they can’t refuse. Better yet, he’s Keyser Söze. The greatest trick A. J. Preller ever pulled was convincing the baseball world the Padres didn’t exist.

Back on Dec. 3, I saw a tweet that read “#padres signed SS Clint Barmes? The guy is 35 years old and he sucks … way to go AJ Preller!” Baseball Twitter was pissed. Was this going to be the 2015 version of “the final piece” that was Seth Smith a year earlier?

As a fan base, the skepticism is understandable. I mean, how many “big off-season acquisitions” like Jorge Cantu, Jason Marquis, Edinson Volquez, Brad Hawpe and Jason Bartlett walk through door, only to fade into nothingness? Eventually, serious doubt sets in. After the Barmes signing this offseason, there was no press conference, no celebration, just a lot of frustration from fans. Not because Barmes is terrible, he’s not … but because fans feared that was it. That was the offseason. That what fans had become accustomed to.

But something felt different with A. J. Preller. At least I felt it. I shot out a tweet, at the risk of the Twitter trolls coming out in abundance: “Watch Padres fans freak out & overreact over Barmes, only to look silly later when Preller brings in a big stick. *crossing fingers*”

If you missed it, that was a not-so-humble-brag. However, I’ll be the first to admit I was actually wrong because I said Preller would bring in “a”–singular–big stick … not a handful. It wasn’t long before the flood gates opened.

In comes Matt Kemp, Justin Upton, Derek Norris and Wil Myers. Not to mention other notables like Tim Federowicz and Will Middlebrooks. Are you kidding me? Matt Kemp and Justin Upton are on the San Diego Padres? We’re either living in some sort of parallel universe or it’s 2025 and those dudes are gray beards. Nope. It was real. Those are just the hitters.

On the hill, Preller took one-year gambles on Brandon Morrow and Josh Johnson—two names you recognize because when they were younger and healthier, they were ace-worthy. I know that sounds familiar, but these guys can’t be compared to the Padres swooping up Mike Piazza at age 38 or Greg Maddux at age 41. Morrow is 30 years old, and Johnson is 31. On paper, there are plenty of years left in those arms.

All those new names you just read? You’d think our pitching staff would have imploded to acquire all of those bats, right? Wrong. Preller didn’t have to give up one of the core-three in his starting rotation: Andrew Cashner, Tyson Ross and Ian Kennedy.

Then, just when you thought the insanity had subsided … Preller strikes again with James Shields joining the starting rotation. James Shields! A 2011 All-Star who took the Rays to the Series in 2008 and then just did the same with the Royals in 2014. He has the only World Series win in Rays history.


Doesn’t it feel good to have to struggle with questions like that? Fans are asking questions about how we’re going to fit so many arms into the rotation, or how we’re going to deal with a subpar defensive outfield. Last year, fans would wonder every single day what name we’ve never heard of would turn up when Buddy Black rolled his dugout dice while making the lineup card.

So, if Preller didn’t give up our staff aces, he must have emptied the farm system, right? Wrong. Although he obviously parted with some minor league talent, he magically kept the Padres’ top three prospects. He gave up Yasmani Grandal, who was amazing when he joined the club in 2012, only to test positive for high testosterone and serve a 50-game suspension in 2013. Good riddance.

Preller also gave up Seth Smith, who was a fine player for San Diego, but I think most fans agree he over-performed in 2014 and that Preller wasn’t about to buy high. Same with Rene Rivera behind the plate. A valuable teammate in 2014, but someone the Padres don’t plan on missing with Norris and Federowicz behind the dish.

Every year I scroll through the Padres roster, the outfield specifically, where you hope the power will come from, and think … “You know, I like having guys such as Cam Maybin and Will Venable, but I sure wish they weren’t starting because they’d be nice coming off the bench.”

Well, thanks to Preller, Kemp, Myers and Upton … now they are! It’s beautiful. It’s a shame Chris Denorfia isn’t going to be around for all the 2015 fun. I’ll miss Norf.  (Not to be confused with Norv … I won’t miss him.)

In a matter of months, A. J. Preller has completely shifted the mindset of the San Diego baseball fan. The word untouchable doesn’t exist in my baseball vocabulary anymore. Not with Preller at the helm. No player is off limits. Assume nothing, San Diego. Preller may very well still be working. So where does it lead us for the 2015 Padres season? The answer is obvious.

The postseason.

I want it. I want it so badly, I can taste it. Sounds like a silly statement to make before the season has even started. A silly statement since the Padres haven’t made the playoffs since 2006 (they were swept).

I know, I know … Matt Holliday never touched home plate in ‘07. I know, I know … the team won 90 games in 2010 despite a historic collapse. Still, they haven’t actually been in the playoffs in almost a decade. Despite Preller’s moves, Vegas is projecting the Dodgers and the Giants to post better records than the Padres. I don’t care. Take your Vegas projections and put them on a plaque in the Bud Selig Plaza. They’re irrelevant. None of that crap matters.

Here’s the kicker, and please read carefully. If the Padres don’t make the playoffs … so what. Sure, I want them to make the playoffs. Shoot, I want them to win the World Series. But that’s not the point.

Remember this. Remember this feeling. This lingering feeling deep inside of every Padres fan in the offseason that screams, “We matter!” It means the San Diego front office tried. FINALLY, THEY TRIED.

After years of saying goodbye to franchise players like Peavy, Gonzalez, Latos and Rizzo. After years of being lied to by the likes of Moores and Moorad, the front office has removed their heads from their collective asses and they came out guns blazing. I love it!

If the team doesn’t work out … if starters get hurt, or the newly acquired Padres play terribly … well, that sucks. But it doesn’t mean this offseason was a failure, because guess what: The San Diego Padres are relevant again. Padres fans can walk around town with their heads held high. Hell, they can walk around any town with their heads held high. Because we’ve got A. J. Preller and your team doesn’t. That feeling? That feeling is hope, my friends. Finally, Padres fans have hope again.

Remember, Red. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

Take a bow, A. J. Preller … take a bow.

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Earl Sinclair as Biggie…

YouTube Preview Image

This is why the internet was created.

Well done, Benjamin.


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It’s March Madness Time for the Gutty Little Aztecs…


I just swooped up a green Monty Montezuma tee for March Madness. I already have a black and red one, seen below. (a little Where’s Waldo action for you)


If you want to swoop up a t-shirt of any color… get ‘em here.


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The Padres Twitter Emoji Game is on Point…


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Fall in Love With the SDSU Women’s Golf Team…


YouTube Preview Image

There, I said it. I just fell in love with the entire SDSU Women’s Golf Team… in a totally platonic way, of course. Unreal, that video! Love everything about it. If you gals ever need a fourth in a scramble… I know a guy.


[ht Matt Hall at UT San Diego]

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