The only thing wrong with this tweet is the punctuation. No commas, no apostrophe, all caps, and too many exclamations points!!!


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San Diego Padres’ Tallest Fan


Biggest? Let’s go with “tallest” – seems more fitting. I saw this dude at a Padres game this year, and I also saw him when the Davis Cup was at Petco. Seriously doubt he’s a “fan” as his jersey suggests. Guessing he’s one of the San Diego Stilt Walkers… but what do I know?


[pic from Uni Watch]

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“Hey Seth… Now You Know My Name”

YouTube Preview Image

I laughed.


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Let Me Be Your Ruler… You Can Call Me Queen Bee…

She finally met a Royal. I wonder if she knows the “When was the last time you sh*t your pants?” story.

YouTube Preview Image

Let me live that fantasy. 


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Because I’m HAPPPPPPPPPPPPY……. *cries*


YouTube Preview Image

So, there it is… Pharrell crying on Oprah. I know that some sappy people are gonna say, “OMG this is so adorable” and some bitter people are gonna say, “Give it a rest, dude. You’re a bazillionaire and you’ve had a bazillion hits, so stop crying, shutup.” Right now you’re asking yourself… which one are you, BP?

Funny you should ask, I’ll tell you… I’m the sap. Shocker, I know. Full disclosure, I love Pharrell. Loved him before this song. More importantly, I have a 4.5 year old daughter and a 2.5 year old son. Every single night after dinner, we put this song on repeat and have a dance party at my house. My wife, my daughter, my son, and me… dancing around like idiots to Pharrell’s Happy… every night. I love it. The joy that it brings my kids… that it brings me. It’s overwhelming. Yes, I’m overwhelmed by the joy this song brings my family.

So I can’t fathom what Pharrell must feel knowing that he brings that kind of joy to families everywhere all across the world. When he starts crying on Oprah… I start crying. Waterworks City. I couldn’t stop. Pharrell held himself together better than I did. Would I have reacted that way if I didn’t rock out to that song with my kids every night? I don’t know. I don’t care. I’m happy.

YouTube Preview Image


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LaDainian Tomlinson’s New Commercial is Funny, Also a Junk-Punch to San Diego

YouTube Preview Image

Dammit, Adidas. Dammit, Foot Locker. Dammit dammit dammit.



[ht rovell]

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Padres Brown Uniform Redesign


*Click to enlarge that bad boy*

You guys all know that I’m all for bringing back the brown to the Padres, so it excites me every time I see a redesign. I’ve shown you absolutely terrible Padres redesigns in the past, and I’ve shown you some amazing ones. This one is described by the creator, artist John Brubaker, as follows.

No more dorky ocean motifs, no shampoo bottle graphic design-y Padres wordmark, no poser Navy Blue, definitely no “sand.” No identity crisis. Just the original colors, brown and mustard. The home wordmark is based on the old PCL uniform and also the ones they wore in the mid-70s. The SD logo is the one they used before adding the horrible sharp edges, you know, just because they felt like it. The brown used here is a bit darker than the brown the Padres have used in the past. It creates a more striking, cleaner look. Mustard is used as an accent to prevent PTSD from the old all-mustard look.

Thoughts? I always liked the idea incorporating the PCL look with the brown.


(Lobbed by Kimball, Redesign from John Brubaker, Template created by Jay Jackson.)

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Caption This Tattoo


What does it mean? If you’re too sophisticated to shrink your mind enough to figure this out…. scroll down for the answer.







Hey, I recognize that pink donut….






Still can’t figure out the tat? Well, I DO NOT CARE AT ALL. 


[ht Robert Littal]

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The Masters Pancake: A Tradition Unlike Any Other

uttv-lobshotsmasters-pancake (1)

This is a repost from last year, but it’s fitting since it’s, you know, Masters week. I’m always getting asked how I make my pancakes, so here’s how I do it.

It’s actually easier than it looks, but much harder when you’re trying to have an intelligent conversion about sports with Acee and Annie while looking at a TV camera.



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Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead in a “Live Lid”


New hats that load up to 20 images that scroll on your dome. No thanks. Guessing Drake and Bieber are gonna be first in line for these badboys.


[ht rovell]

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