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Padres Fan of the Game

Seriously, anybody know who this dude is? What a great look.


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Happy 4th of July Weekend, Lobsters!

lobster-drinks-beerIt starts like this… finishes like this…


Be safe and smart, kids. Have a blast. Hug somebody. AMERICA!


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Vin Scully on The Dan Patrick Show…

YouTube Preview Image

I could listen to Vin Scully talk all day long. What a wonderful person. Love that Dan just let him talk.


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Detroit Tigers Vendor, FTW…

Love this dude. Love the look he gives that lady when she swoops in for the ball. 


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No More Pain…

Man, I saw this and my heart sank… again. I posted a similar image of Tony here on the site, and hesitated because I didn’t want to be disrespectful to Tony’s memory by alluding his passing to a movie. Nice to see Tony, Jr. was touched by the thought of his dad heading off into the corn field in the sky…


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I Feel You, Captain America…


The Captain is feeling this Team USA loss too…


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Tim Howard’s High School Yearbook Photo


“It will take a nation of millions to hold me back.” (That’s a Chuck D quote from Public Enemy, btw)

Helluva game yesterday. Had a blast at La Jolla Brewing Company. Sadly, the US just got out played. Tim Howard was amazing, but the man can’t score goals and stop them. Love that team. Looking forward to following Team USA over the next four years…


[via MeredithFrost]


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Eric Weddle With Some USA Soccer Love…

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Now What, Belgium?

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