The Zero Chance Podcast is Here!

zero chance RJ

After years of debating doing it… I’m finally doing a podcast. I’ve teamed up with my buddy Rick Romero from RJ’s Fro and together we’ve started the Zero Chance Podcast.

We locked down our friend and San Diego legend Randy Jones for our inaugural first podcast. We’re still working out some of the kinks, like a logo, and getting our pod on all the necessary platforms, but we’ll get there soon.

Here are all the links to find the inaugural first episode of the Zero Chance podcast.

Subscribe on iTunes here.

Subscribe on Google Play here. (if this link isn’t active yet, it should be by the end of the day)

Rick and I are fired up for this, so thanks for your support. Zero chance anything could go wrong. xoxo


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Does Trevor Hoffman Belong in Cooperstown?



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make baseball fun again lobshots bryce harper It’s been almost a month since Bryce Harper’s ESPN article “Sorry Not Sorry,” where he destroyed baseball’s unwritten rules, calling for a change in the game. “Baseball’s tired,” he says. “It’s a tired sport, because you can’t express yourself.” I loved it. Then it hit me. Trump’s stupid MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN hats were everywhere. What if I made a hat for Bryce Harper that said MAKE BASEBALL FUN AGAIN? It was perfect. I’m not so hot at photoshop (super-hot at MS Paint though), so I hit up my buddy @nick_pants with the idea. Within hours, Nick came through like a champ with this.


I fired out the tweet, tagged Bryce, and said to myself… “This hat is awesome. I should actually make these. They’d sell like hotcakes. You could even change the colors around for your team. I should even send one to Bryce! How funny would that be?” Did I do any of that? No, of course not. I did nothing. Next stop? Opening Day! Bryce hits yet another dinger… his fourth straight on Opening Day, which is insane. Post-game presser? Well, wouldya look at that…



BRYCE HARPER MADE MY HAT IDEA INTO A REAL HAT AND WORE IT ON OPENING DAY. So that gets national coverage obviously… Barstool Sports, among other sites, are now making, and selling the hats that I created in my brain. For just $20, I can buy the hat that I designed! Everybody is talking about the hat.

Now, the way I see it? There’s two ways to look at this. Glass half empty: “Dammit! I’m an idiot! I didn’t follow my gut and make these hats back on March 10th, and now everybody on the planet except for me is going to profit off of them, and Bryce didn’t even send me a thank-you tweet. I hate cursive and I hate all of you!” Glass half full: “Bryce Harper saw the tweet I sent him, and thought it was so awesome that he made my hat into a real hat and wore it. How rad is that!?”

I’m a glass half full type of guy. Glad you liked the hat, Bryce. Keep being awesome.


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I Did a Podcast


I know what you’re thinking with that headline… “Brady hasn’t blogged in about six months, and he can still come up with fire headlines like that? Still got it!” I know, I know. Crazy, right? So, The Kept Faith guys… Dallas, Nick, and Travis, had me on their podcast and we talked about many things, especially Padres baseball, the retired numbers moving from the batter’s eye at Petco Park, Bryce Harper vs. Goose Gossage, Adam LaRoche and his son vs. the world, and for the grand finale, the most complex breakdown ever heard of an American classic: Field of Dreams. Prepare to laugh, learn, laugh, and then probably cry.

You can listen to, or download, the podcast here.

On a side note, I’ll still be blogging from time to time, but know that I’ve still be a mad man tweeting machine on Twitter, so head over there to join the convo, (@LobShots) and if you want to see the pancakes I make on the regular, check out @ThePancakeDad on Instagram.


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Pancakes For Clean Water


Hey friends! I know things have been very quite on the ole LobShots blogging front. I’ve still been very active on the twitter machine, but for those of you that haven’t been following along, I’ve started a campaign for charity: water… Pancakes for Clean Water.


Here’s the gist of it… there are 663 MILLION people in this world living without clean water, and that’s ridiculous. Here’s how you can make a difference… for a donation of $100 (or more) – I will make you a pancake and 100% of that money will go toward charity: water’s clean water projects in developing countries. Please click the link above to read more. I can make your kids’ favorite cartoon characters, your favorite sports team logo, or your business logo. I will send you a photo and a time-lapse video of your pancake creation and promote it across multiple social media platforms.

Get creative! Here are some samples on my @thepancakedad instagram account.



The demand has been incredible and as of September 14th, we’ve already raised more than $8,000! That’s 267 people that will get clean water. That’s just amazing and I’m so thankful for everyone’s generosity. Keep the requests coming! Love you guys.


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First Look at the New SDSU Basketball Practice Facility


Well, this is fun. I was just sent some photos from a “source” of the new San Diego State University Basketball Practice Facility. A SOURCE I TELL YOU! I haven’t been in myself, but as you can see from some of the photos… it’s awesome and some of it isn’t even complete.SDSU-lobshots-basketball-1

For example, the spear at the end of the San Diego State logo on the mural of The Show hasn’t been finished. That’s a very cool tribute to the best student section in America. Here are the rest of the photos.


That’s pretty fancy. Some cool shoutouts to the program’s past and present. Team First.



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The Day Shannon Sharpe Attacked


It’s not every day you get into a twitter battle with an NFL Hall of Famer…

A couple of very bizarre things happened in the sports world this past week. Top of that list was a New York Times report that revealed that none of Junior Seau’s family would be allowed to speak at his Hall of Fame induction ceremony. For further information and depth to the story, check out Darren Smith’s interview with the NYT author, Ken Belson, here. Naturally, San Diego sports fans did not like this. I don’t like this. Junior wanted his daughter to speak, and some silly rule they’ve put in place is preventing her from doing that. Haven’t seen many people defending the decision of the NFL and the Hall of Fame on this one. Add Pro football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe to the list of the few that are…

As we all know, everybody’s got an opinion, and when you’re on twitter, you share that opinion.  Shannon Sharpe is on twitter, and his opinion did not go over so well with San Diego sports fans. Humor me while I paint a picture for you. I’ve tried to screengrab and piece together this conversation for you. So, here we go.


Now, I’m buddies with Woodsy… and I wasn’t the least bit surprised to see him call out Shannon Sharpe here. Not really my style (aside from previous run-ins with Hacksaw) to start name-calling folks that I don’t know on twitter, but whatever… I get it. This was Shannon’s response…


Woah, woah, woah. I believe that’s how the kids describe going from “zero to 100 real fast.” Granted, Woods did call him a not-so-kind word… but c’mon, you immediately just go to… “I just slept with your wife” talk? No, no, no. Not okay. I had to chime in. Shannon’s got to know better.


He responded very quickly.


Another quick response.


As you can see, that tweet confused me. I’ve since pondered it, and I think his point is just… “if you don’t say bad things about me, then we’re good.” Still not positive on the translation there. His response…


Now, he’s not wrong here. I did insert myself into a conversation between he and Woods. Nonetheless, I felt I was in the right and my line of questioning continued.


Do I follow his logic? Sure, on the surface level. I get it. You insult me. I insult you. Boom, take that! But, c’mon… how can you think that’s okay if you’re in Shannon Sharpe’s shoes? A stranger on twitter called you a bad word. You responded by saying you slept with his wife in a hotel room. Really?shannon-insult

Don’t get me wrong… I get it. I saw the responses he has to deal with on twitter because this exchange… he’s probably dealing with similar trolls daily. My timeline started showing up with people calling him marble mouth or horse face or whatever… that stuff sucks. He had an SNL skit mocking him. He’s frustrated. He’s fighting back. It’s tough.

There’s a bit of a double standard there, right? We as fans want celebrities and athletes to interact with us on social media. Then when they do respond, like Shannon Sharpe did, we throw up our hands saying “woah there big fella! chill out! you didn’t really mean that, right? what’s wrong with you? why are you responding to us chumps and making yourself look like an idiot? you trying to get fired? just shut up!”

Total double standard. But in this case, Shannon is fighting a losing battle. I’m using decency and morals to argue my case, and he’s using childish revenge and retaliation for justification.

After that tweet I sent him, no response. Nothing. Well, not nothing. There’s something. He blocked me. He blocked me and, from what I can tell, every San Diegan that commented on this exchange in any capacity.


I’d like to think that means I “won” that little twitter battle. Obviously, in this case, winning or losing isn’t what this is about. Just be better.  I have to remind myself of that daily, because I’ve definitely fallen victim to this before. Retaliation and insults are rarely the answer, regardless of how justified you may feel. Don’t get wrapped up in the nonsense and say things you don’t mean and you’re going to regret. Will I ever make another mistake on social media? Yes. But you can be damn sure I’ll be trying not to. Hope Shannon Sharpe feels the same way.

Oh, last thing. Let Sydney speak.


[lobbed by the legendary, Mike Costa.]

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I Joined ‘The Kept Faith’ Podcast To Interview Molly Knight


If you’re a baseball fan, you know that Molly Knight just released her new book, “The Best Team Money Can Buy.” Dallas and the boys from The Kept Faith allowed me to join them on their podcast to interview Molly Knight about her book, and how it all relates to the Padres. You can download the iTunes podcast here, or listen online to the PodOmatic version here.

I was fortunate enough to get an early copy her book and have been immersed in it.


Some incredible baseball stories… and not just about the Dodgers, about baseball, and the rest of the NL West. Some great Padres gems in there… some that we talk about in the podcast.

Go check out The Kept Faith blog here. Thanks again for having me, dudes… and thanks to Molly for joining us. She’s a rockstar.


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My Favorite Padres Fan…


This guys is my favorite Padres fan. The look on his face when he sees the camera…



[don’t know why i can’t get the stupid tweet to embed.]

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Kareem Putting Those Bruce Lee Skills to Good Use…


Don’t know how I’ve never seen this footage of Kareem before… but here it is.

In tha face!


ht history of sports 

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