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Earl Sinclair as Biggie…

This is why the internet was created. Well done, Benjamin. -bp

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Further Proof the Pharrell Doesn’t Age…

How ’bout Tyler the Creator? That’s a look… -bp [ht @cjzero]

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Spending the last 2 hours with @justinbieber was truly inspiring. He is changing lives. #BELIEVE — Jay Williams (@RealJayWilliams) July 8, 2014

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Juuuuuust A Bit Outside…

I had zero intention of posting this terrible first pitch by Fitty. Then I saw this mashup and decided to. Anytime you can slip some Uecker into a post, you do it. -bp [Getty image, ht Mentality Mag]

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Brian Williams, Gin and Juice Edition

I said this back when Brian Williams did Rapper’s Delight… Jimmy Fallon is the best. Dude has the most talented people on his staff. Seriously, how many hours did that take? Research/editing/etc? I can’t imagine. Incredible stuff. By the way, … Continue reading

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Because I’m HAPPPPPPPPPPPPY……. *cries*

So, there it is… Pharrell crying on Oprah. I know that some sappy people are gonna say, “OMG this is so adorable” and some bitter people are gonna say, “Give it a rest, dude. You’re a bazillionaire and you’ve had … Continue reading

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Anna Kendrick & Pharrell on SNL: Match Made in Heaven

Excited for this. Love Anna Kendrick. Love Pharrell. -bp

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19 Year Old Jay-Z in London…

Before he was famous… in 1988… still in a Benz though. -bp [pic from Bryan Armen Graham]

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The End. -bp

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Have a Miley Christmas? No Thanks.

I actually don’t hate this as much as I thought I would. It’s kinda funny. Love you, Ralphie. -bp

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