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Because I’m HAPPPPPPPPPPPPY……. *cries*

So, there it is… Pharrell crying on Oprah. I know that some sappy people are gonna say, “OMG this is so adorable” and some bitter people are gonna say, “Give it a rest, dude. You’re a bazillionaire and you’ve had … Continue reading

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Anna Kendrick & Pharrell on SNL: Match Made in Heaven

Excited for this. Love Anna Kendrick. Love Pharrell. -bp

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19 Year Old Jay-Z in London…

Before he was famous… in 1988… still in a Benz though. -bp [pic from Bryan Armen Graham]

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The End. -bp

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Have a Miley Christmas? No Thanks.

I actually don’t hate this as much as I thought I would. It’s kinda funny. Love you, Ralphie. -bp

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Time to Update Your Christmas Wish List

Where do I sign up to pre-order Volumes 2-infinity? -bp

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New Song From TJ Stafford: “Love Will Find You”

Vulnerable, indeed. -bp

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Pearl Jam Rocked San Diego… Eddie Vedder Wore a Chargers Hat

I’m furious with myself for not going to Pearl Jam last night. Furious. What an idiot. A ton of friends went… they, along with everybody I follow on twitter, said it was the most amazing concert in the history of … Continue reading

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Woah, 1985s Michael Jackson of the Future is Lando Calrissian

Nailed it. Thanks to lobster Chris who spotted that in the comments section of the original blog. Impressive. -bp

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What If Michael Jackson Never Had All Those Surgeries?

Something different about that photo, huh? MJ looks too old, but still his young self, right? Here’s why: In 1985, @EBONYMag predicted what Michael Jackson would look like in the yr 2000 — iTweetFacts™ (@iTweetFacts) November 19, 2013 How … Continue reading

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