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Looks Like I Need To Go Shopping…

Fire outfit… need it. Hopefully Bloomingdale’s and Lululemon are next door to each at the mall… -bp [ht Gottlieb]

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Fire Shirt From Federer

Oh, you like your tee? Federer’s is betterer. Love this. They’re $40 a pop online. Too much for a tee… even an awesome tee. -bp [lobbed by John Gennaro]

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Philip Rivers in Crocs

First bolo ties… now Crocs with socks? Philip Rivers is full-blown fashion icon. -bp [pic via Natasha Sweatte]

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This Endless Shirt Nonsense of Wearing a Photo Shirt of Someone Wearing a Photo Shirt Has Officially Jumped the Shark

Thank you Julian Edelman for confirming what everybody already knew was a publicity stunt with you and Gronk. Way to take something awesome that Macaulay Culkin of all people (and Ryan Gosling) got trending a couple weeks ago and make it … Continue reading

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Bring Back The Brown, Padres: A Flip-Flop Visual Reminder

Real funny, Target. *turns out this isn’t the first time Target has thrown the Padres under the fashion bus* -bp [photo from @jodes0405 & VocalMinoritySD]

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Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead in a “Live Lid”

  New hats that load up to 20 images that scroll on your dome. No thanks. Guessing Drake and Bieber are gonna be first in line for these badboys. -bp [ht rovell]

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Freaking Bill Murray. Rocking PBR pants with a gorgeous blonde (Lindsey Boetsch) like a boss. That’s how you dress to golf. Argyle PBR pants. I wanted to buy these pants, so I asked Pabst Blue Ribbon where I could buy … Continue reading

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Red Sox Cowboy Boots? RED SOX COWBOY BOOTS!

Those boots belong to Brandon Snyder of the Red Sox. Those suckers are friggin’ awesome. I’d rock some Padres cowboys boots. Somebody buy me some. Size 11.5 or 12. Thanks. -bp

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You Can Now Buy the Pro Bowl Version of Weddle’s Beard T-Shirts

Sadly, the season’s over, but things don’t appear to be slowing down for Weddle’s Beard. If you follow the @Weddlesbeard twitter feed. You know that it’s run by Eric and his agent David Canter. After the success of their first … Continue reading

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Spike Lee Last Night…

Oh Spike… where have I seen this look before? Hmmm… can’t pinpoint it. -bp [grab via @jose3030]

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