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This Guy Has a Point…

New Yorker cartoonist Liam Walsh posed the question, “Did Coca Cola rip me off?” Valid question. -bp

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Unreal, NY Times Made a Documentary on Slomo

What an amazing and beautiful story. Love you, Slomo. Love that the NY Times made this. I’ve high-fived Slomo probably 100 times. Never knew the details of his story. So cool. I hope I never have to say the following … Continue reading

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These Star Wars NFL Helmets are Amazing…

So, some cat named John Raya made Star Wars themed helmet logos for the entire NFL. Very, very cool and fun. As usual with these logo recreations that the internet does, the Chargers got the shaft on this one. The San Diego … Continue reading

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Super Bowl XLVIII Pancakes

What’s the point of making pancakes if you’re not gonna have a little fun with it? *update: thanks to Paul Lukas at Uni Watch for linking up this post… it was a great compliment when he thought these were made … Continue reading

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Rock Chalk Pancake

My wife’s family from Kansas was here this weekend… they asked for a pancake. I obliged. (Yes, I also brought up the SDSU game. I Believe > Rock Chalk) -bp

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Bolt of Destiny? I don’t really know what that means, but if it means Super Bowl… I’ll take it, no questions asked. All the playoff teams got cool graphics here. -bp

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I’m Sick of Actual Artists Big-Leaguin’ my MS Paint Game

Go back to photoshop where you belong, man. Leave MS Paint to the bloggers. This is what Santa Claus looks like in MS Paint. Bawse. -bp [from @marisakabas at HyperVocal]

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Merry Christmas From the AFC West!

Excellent work, Dave. -bp

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This Dudes Beard Game is On Point…

Committed. -bp [via Uni Watch]

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