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Cannonball Coming!

What a glorious day.  Glory.  Here’s a quick review… We did not, as planned, ask Gates whether he preferred Rivers or Drew Brees at QB.  Prior to arriving we thought that’d be hilarious, throwing that awkward question bomb… 1. because … Continue reading

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Lou Gehrig, Columbia University, 1922

Telling me he couldn’t rope a shot through one of those windows? -caster [pic from uniform critic]

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Of All The Omelette Joints In All The Towns In All The World…

Date: Tues June 25 2013  Place: Brian’s 24 Diner, Downtown San Diego.    So I randomly tried Brian’s 24 because there was an hour wait at our first choice, C-Level.  Well, guess who didn’t go to C-Level either that night?  Donovan … Continue reading

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Win a Date with Tad Hamilton Philip Rivers

Caster here. I attended the 2013 San Diego Chargers “Shoot to Cure Huntington’s Disease” with BP this past weekend. Attending this event allowed me learn more about this disease [and its sad effect on one’s mental and motor control] and to … Continue reading

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Beauty Queen Mouths Off… Is Promptly Ordered to Pay $5 MIL For Defamation

If you haven’t read about the beauty queen who claimed the Miss USA contest was rigged click here. I’m not sure who co-signed the loan on this beauty queen’s mouth… but they’re probably second-guessing that support now. “You see, what … Continue reading

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Syracuse Picked A Winner

Though Lobshots is a SoCal-centric sports blog, sometimes a compelling story allows for geographic expansion.   In this case… expansion to a cold, drab city 3000 miles east northeast of San Diego, where personal character is hardened and purified by long … Continue reading

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Move Over, Toonces…

Fido, feel like going for a walk?   No?   You’d rather drive?   Here’s the thing.  I love fresh ideas.   Here’s an extremely fresh one… made particularly fresh by its utter ridiculousness.  New Zealand SPCA, to increase abandoned-dog awareness, is training … Continue reading

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If You Thought This One-of-a-Kind Camaro Was Offensive…

Yep.  It is a one-of-a-kind.  As you’d expect, a car this loud draws equally loud opinions.  Regardless of which side of the Art v Garbage, racial-firey debate you fall, it’s the designer’s response I enjoyed.   After several venomous comments on … Continue reading

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Battle on the Midway – Lobshots Style

That. Click to enlarge that… an incredible aerial. Our view? It’s right here. So, the atmosphere of Sunday’s Battle on the Midway between Syracuse/SDSU made up for an otherwise sloppy game.  The wind, at 10-15 mph, clearly affected SDSU perimeter … Continue reading

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An Obituary To Strive For…

“He seemed bathed in golden sunlight…”  Alright, not a bad opening line, obit or otherwise.   If that is written about me… by someone else… gotta say…I’d feel I did something right.  You would too, lemon. Socrates apparently said “the unexamined … Continue reading

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