The Sterminator.┬áIt’s no secret that I’m obsessed with old Costacos Brothers posters. I still have a handful of them. I wrote about my obsession here. So, although I’m not a fan of David Stern, I was stoked when I saw this poster. Why was I so stoked? Because literally only two of these posters were made. One for David Stern himself and one for the creator of the poster, John Costacos. I think it’s fair to call it rare.

For cool insight like this, follow the Costacos Bros on the Twitter machine.


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2 Responses to THE STERMINATOR

  1. CJ says:

    We have about 50 Costacos brothers posters.
    Don’t have this one.

    • bp says:

      ha. your collection is vast! but, you’re not the creator of the poster… or david stern… so that makes sense.

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