Poor Dick Enberg…

So, my Vine of Dick Enberg’s “touch-em-all?” call on Chase Headley’s triple has gone national. Awful Announcing has posted it. Larry Brown Sports posted it. (Irony here is that Larry Brown blocked me on twitter… still no clue why.) That’s cool to get a bunch of national folks looking at my stuff and all, but it also bums me out in this particular case.

I’m not trying to bash Enberg. I’ve said it before here on LobShots, and I’ll say it again… I think Enberg is a hall of fame announcer. However, he’s lost a step. He’s almost 80, and the reality is that it’s time to hang ‘em up. And for the record, this isn’t just about age… I know that. Vin Scully is as good as ever. But it’s not fair to compare anybody to Vin Scully. Enberg is a legend in his own right, but nobody wants to remember him as the guy whose eye sight is failing him on play by play calls.  

I want to make something else clear… in an age where announcers are often getting themselves into trouble because they’ve said something offensive or mean or derogatory… I applaud Enberg, because he didn’t do any of that… he just blew a call. In the grand scheme, it’s minor. It happens. I’m sure I’ve written more terrible blogs than Enberg has blown calls. Imagine if Enberg called me out on the air every time one of my blogs sucked. That kinda scrutiny is harsh. So harsh that everybody is mocking Dick because of this call. Tough business he’s in.

Here’s to hoping FSSD can gracefully find a role more suitable for Mr. Enberg.


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6 Responses to Poor Dick Enberg…

  1. Mike says:

    Why do you hate Dick Enberg? He worked with the late great Merlin Olsen and was in the first “Naked Gun.” He is also a big tennis fan. I’m about to take tennis lessons after playing some on my vacation. Probably in Coronado.

  2. DJ says:

    From an older, Hall of Fame television announcer, these types of mistakes don’t upset me. Perhaps my opinion would differ if it was a radio announcer, where I’m dependent on him for information, or a plain, vanilla-type announcer who was making these mistakes, but it’s Dicky Enberg! I just want a guy I enjoy hanging out with in my living room for a few hours while we take in a ballgame. For me, Enberg fills that role plenty fine.

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