The Chargers Fan Who Caught Pujols’ 500 HR is Awesome


Tom Sherrill of Pomona is a 29-year-old Chargers and Angels fan and a staff sergeant in the Air Force. He caught Albert Pujols’ 500th home run and he gave it back to Pujols and wanted nothing in return. This guy knew how much it meant to Pujols and he represents everything that is right about being a fan. About being a person. We live in an age of greedy jerks looking to squeeze ballplayers for as much as they can if the opportunity presents itself. (Remember all the fights and lawsuits flying around during Barry Bonds/Mark McGwire/Sammy Sosa era?)

Today, you’ll read asinine blogs calling him an idiot, and you’ll see tweets from the dumbest people on the planet, attacking this dude because he didn’t chase the money like they would have. Seriously, if you want to see what horrible people exist on this earth. Go read these reactions to SportCenter’s tweet about this guy.

I love that this guy did the right thing. I love that he’s a Chargers fan. I love that he’s an Angels fan that went all the way out to Washington and he caught the ball. I love that “he talked security into bringing the guy who had the ball bounce off his belly & his kids to get their pictures taken with Albert.” How amazing is that? I love you, Tom Sherrill. 

Go Chargers. Go Air Force. Go Tom Sherrill.

Here’s to 263 more, Albert.


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2 Responses to The Chargers Fan Who Caught Pujols’ 500 HR is Awesome

  1. Tom Sherrill says:

    I’m sure this will look like a random guy trying to sneak a thread in with a fake name but I really am Tom Sherrill.
    Thank you for sharing your opinion and giving some perspective. You pretty much nailed the way I feel about the situation and its always nice to see people that appreciate your choices. True fans understand the joy of being at the game and witnessing history. Money is nice but memories are better.

    Anyways, just wanted you to know I saw your post and I enjoyed it. Thanks again.

    • bp says:

      Tom – thrilled you found your way to LobShots. Always nice to hear that I “nailed” it when I’m simply projecting my own opinion. You are a great example to fans everywhere. Hope it didn’t creep you out how many times I said I loved you in that blog… didn’t expect you to actually read it. Haha.

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