BAET LA! Giants Fans Have Been on a Roll Lately…



Great coordination there, kids. Also from the game last night… this cat just strolling around AT&T wearing full catcher’s gear.

giants fan catchers gear

You remember “GO GAINTS” from earlier this season, right?

gaintsThis kinda stuff comes from the top… remember that.


A San FranciCSo treat…


[pics from Sara, Brendan, Busted Coverage & Lana]

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4 Responses to BAET LA! Giants Fans Have Been on a Roll Lately…

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  2. Mac says:


  3. lonndoggie says:

    That guy in the catcher’s outfit is just a Busty Poser.

  4. Paul says:

    The catcher’s outfit is probably the only safe way to attend a Dodgers-Giants game

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