Padres Brown Uniform Redesign


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You guys all know that I’m all for bringing back the brown to the Padres, so it excites me every time I see a redesign. I’ve shown you absolutely terrible Padres redesigns in the past, and I’ve shown you some amazing ones. This one is described by the creator, artist John Brubaker, as follows.

No more dorky ocean motifs, no shampoo bottle graphic design-y Padres wordmark, no poser Navy Blue, definitely no “sand.” No identity crisis. Just the original colors, brown and mustard. The home wordmark is based on the old PCL uniform and also the ones they wore in the mid-70s. The SD logo is the one they used before adding the horrible sharp edges, you know, just because they felt like it. The brown used here is a bit darker than the brown the Padres have used in the past. It creates a more striking, cleaner look. Mustard is used as an accent to prevent PTSD from the old all-mustard look.

Thoughts? I always liked the idea incorporating the PCL look with the brown.


(Lobbed by Kimball, Redesign from John Brubaker, Template created by Jay Jackson.)

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16 Responses to Padres Brown Uniform Redesign

  1. Mark Bua says:

    Awesome designs! The one thing I change is take off the double stripes on the sleeves on the brown jerseys. Would look better with just one stripe…

  2. Andrew says:

    I like it! Home #2 is my favorite. I think the PCL scripts and brown/gold work very well together. I did one myself recently click here.

  3. Thomas says:

    I love these–I wouldn’t change one thing. With these, the Padres could be among the class of the league. Nice work!

  4. Johnny says:

    Love having the home and away caps being different (though I’d prefer to see the yellow bell with the home unis). I can’t stand softball tops so I’d nix the Alts. I’m a product of late 80′s Padres baseball and have a soft spot for brown pinstripes so I love Home 2. Probably my only overall beef is with the front numbers – WAY too Dodger-ey for my taste, especially when it is a secondary color like the 13 in Home 1. Yellow here, Dodgers use red.

    Padres=Brown. Truth.

    • John Brubaker says:

      You’re right, the home 1 design is a bit Dodgery. I do love the Dodgers uniform and I wore that a bit too much on my sleeve with that one. I’ll probably modify it to make the numbers brown, add yellow stroke around the font (like the pinstripes), and add brown piping to differentiate from the pinstripes. The idea with the alt brown tops is to capture a more bright and retro 70s look, which I think the Padres did quite well back in the day, and I see fans sporting a similar design a lot around the gaslamp. (but of course softball tops will always be a matter of preference.)

  5. Charles Noerenberg says:

    Nothing groundbreaking here, but this is a really nice summation of the uniform a lot of people want to see them go to. This color scheme is so wonderful in its quirky originality. My only critique is there are way too many uniforms hereā€“pick one white and one alternate. The more teams add countless alternate jerseys, the more it waters down the brand and indicates the team isn’t confident in their look.

    • John Brubaker says:

      Yeah I agree with you, don’t want to water down the design with an excess of variation. Mostly at this point I just want to get options out there to get feedback on, and then narrow it down from there. It’s hard to decide on the home whites since people are very polarized on pinstripes.

  6. Jack Nida says:

    First of all, get rid of the pajama pants!!! It’s ugly and offensive. I say just bring back the original unis and the Sunday only caps.

    • John Brubaker says:

      I am not trying to sell the cut of the uniform–I believe that’s up to the players or whoever decided it was a good idea to dress like jr. highers of the late 90s–I am trying to sell the design.

  7. Mark Bua says:

    I’d like to see gray w/ pinstripes since we were the first MLB team to ever have them (1985-1990)

  8. Greg Brown says:

    Very nice. These are far superior to what the Padres are wearing now.

  9. M My says:

    Wow. Like these. Don’t even look like the Brewers. Need the brown back. San Diego Padres….need an identity. Love incorporating the “mustard”. Petition for these ideas??? Where do I sign?

  10. Lorenzo says:

    There should be only one hat, brown with the gold (not “urine yellow”) triangle and interlocking SD. My only complaint it the brown is too dark. Instead of semi-sweet dark chocolate, I’d rather see a lighter, creamy milk chocolate. Except for the hat, the use of brown, gold, and orange should be for piping and striping accents, with primary colors of home white and road gray. BTW, no matter what people you know say about the camo, it’s hugely popular with the kids and must remain.

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