Padres Starting Lineups From 1978-2003 in 6 Seconds

That’s awesome. It’s cool because you can just click on Vines to stop them and look at who was in each lineup. Then another quick double-click. Repeat. You can see who made the All-Star team every year. You can watch the logo change progression. Very cool idea of Bobby Cressey to do this. For those who don’t know, these big plaques can be found in the bowels of Petco Park. I’ve stood there and read them many times. Big fan.


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4 Responses to Padres Starting Lineups From 1978-2003 in 6 Seconds

  1. Jonesy says:

    Did Kruk have 1 ball or 2 balls in ’89? I cant remember…..

  2. Dou says:

    Incredible that we had three Hall of Famers in the 1978 and 1979 lineups. Amazing that we went to the World Series in 1998 with Chris Gomez and Quilvio Veras.

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