Do NOT Eff with Uncle Teddy During a Broadcast

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I realized that some of you may not have heard Ted Leitner’s legendary rant during the final minute of SDSU’s loss to New Mexico.

“Had a guy reach over my shoulder, tapping me on my shoulder asking me a question during the drive there by Cameron Bairstow because my suitcase is behind the chair and he thinks it’s too much in the way. ┬áThese MORONS that think the terrorists are honing in here on the Mountain West tournament in Las Vegas.”

Incredible. I repeat, you do NOT eff with Uncle Teddy during a broadcast.


[ht deadspin]

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One Response to Do NOT Eff with Uncle Teddy During a Broadcast

  1. randiego says:

    has there been a response from the T&M about this employee? Teddy is right… serious bush league stuff and this guy’s job should be in jeopardy. Amateur stuff.

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