The Tangled Web of Scott Kaplan, John Maffei, Dan Sileo, U-T San Diego, and The Mighty 1090


First things first. I don’t know John Maffei. I don’t know Dan Sileo either. As for Scott Kaplan, despite our dozens of interactions over social media, I’ve actually never met him either.

As all San Diego sports media fans know… Scott Kaplan has the distinct honor of being employed by both the largest radio station, The Mighty 1090, and largest newspaper, U-T San Diego, in town. Scott will deny this on a technicality, and I quote, “I work for neither actually, I contract.” Whatever. The relationship intrigues me, especially since, for a while there, the U-T wouldn’t allow its employees to go on any AM1090 radio show, while Kaplan was working for both. That issue has since been resolved.

I know that, generally speaking, LobShots readers do not like Scott Kaplan… at all. I base that on the over 200 comments this post received when Kaplan was initially fired from XX1090 for calling a woman a “beast,” an “animal,” a “monster” and a “sasquatch of a woman.” He has since won a lawsuit, and returned to the AM1090 airwaves. Ironically, he’s come to the defense of the newest morning show host, Dan Sileo, who has been fired multiple times from other radio stations. Awful Announcing was shocked and appalled when AM1090 hired Sileo, as noted in this post, where they recapped that Sileo had been fired for calling 3 African American NFL players “monkeys.” He’d been fired for a series of sexist tweets to Erin Andrews that included him telling her to “bake me a cake.” Most recently, he’d been fired for putting a bounty on a Florida State player on his Twitter account.

Jump to present day, John Maffei posts a U-T sports media column ripping Dan Sileo’s new show. In fact, he started out the column ripping into a bunch of past radio show hosts, including the Butt Brothers (whoever they are), Jordan & Earl, and J.D. Hayworth (Hacksaw’s old co-host that sued BCA radio for his firing). I don’t have a problem ripping those guys, they deserve to be ripped because they were terrible, but then he went on to also insult Josh Rosenberg and Charod Williams, which, in my opinion, was completely unnecessary. If you’d like to know Rosenberg’s thoughts on Maffei, they are, and I quote, “Maffei has always been a talentless, biased, uninformed joke of a writer. Untimely cheap shots? Coward” – love that from Josh.

So, Kaplan gets a hold of Maffei’s U-T column, and proceeds to blast Maffei on the AM1090 airwaves. This is where it gets fun. Reminder: Maffei and Sileo are both co-workers to Kaplan. Head to the 13:30 mark (it finishes at the 17:00 minute mark) of this Scott & BR podcast from yesterday, February 19th. I’ll try to transcript a few highlights, but it’s worth the listen, regardless.

Kaplan: “In 2001… I was brand new to town, and Maffei writes a rip-job column on me. I’m telling you, I’m three weeks in, and not one word about Billy Ray, who he conveniently chose to review the show when Billy Ray wasn’t there.”

Clearly, Kaplan wasn’t a fan of Maffei before this Sileo column. Frankly, neither was I.

Kaplan:“… Maffei is a Hacksaw-lover, so no matter who took over for Hacksaw, he wasn’t going to be good enough.”

If you’ve ever been to LobShots before, you know my thoughts on Paul Mahon, or Hacksaw Hamilton, if you want to call him by his pretend made-up name.

Kaplan: “John Maffei’s sports media column in the U-T…. It’s not even giving it [Sileo's show] a chance… but that’s okay… the part that bothers me is this. ‘Honestly, the best option for 1090 would be to put Smith and Kaplan back in the morning. Their show is as much entertainment as sports. Sileo, or Hamilton, would be a better fit in the 3-6 p.m. slot. That won’t happen, though, because Smith and Kaplan don’t like the 6-9 a.m. shift. And you can’t blame them. Getting up at 4 a.m. to go to work is a grind.‘ Hey John, we work right near by each other at the U-T. You don’t think you could get up and walk over, and ‘hey, you got two seconds? I wanna ask you about this?’ … We would go back to the mornings in a heartbeat if we weren’t KILLING IT so much in the afternoon… Being inaccurate is fine. Don’t be lazy.”

I actually agree with most of what Kaplan had to say about Maffei’s column. And honestly, I haven’t listened to Sileo, so I can’t really comment on how good he’s been here in San Diego. I would love to know what “killing it” from Scott & BR in the afternoons means… I don’t have the ratings in front of me, but I know that among lobsters, The Drive with Judson and Costa over on AM1360 has a large following as well. Back to the podcast, Scott proceeds to break down the column and how Maffei “kills Sileo.” Fascinating dynamic to criticize one co-worker to defend another.

Oh, and that above quote from Josh Rosenberg? Kaplan and Sileo both retweeted it, and Sileo had a few choice words for Maffei as well:

Dan Sileo: “glad i dont appeal to him..65 year old NOBODY and like .guy told Chris Jenkins NOT 2 do a story on me…so it means he listened to 6 shows?..WOW #tool

I don’t fully understand that comment, but whatever. Worth noting… U-T TV just folded. I’m not sure how this will affect Kaplan’s role at the U-T, but it does make this old tweet relevant again.

U-T TV gone. Mahon gone. Kaplan is the last man standing from that tweet. He stands with Sileo, and he seems to always be the last man standing. The U-T and The Mighty 1090 have both made some baffling decisions lately. Impossible to predict what mind-blowing decision will be made next. I, for one, love to sit and watch the chaos unfold.


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17 Responses to The Tangled Web of Scott Kaplan, John Maffei, Dan Sileo, U-T San Diego, and The Mighty 1090

  1. Axion says:

    i liked josh & charod :(

  2. Rod Munch says:

    I’m pretty sure the “Butt Brothers” are the “Bleacher Bums”. If you don’t recall them, they were fans who 1090 hired to host a daily show. It was somehow way worse than everyone mentioned in this article. And pretty much everyone mentioned in this article sucks.

  3. TJNash says:

    The Butt Brothers were the morning team on the Mighty 690 in the early 90s. They were as bad as their name, but lasted a while.

  4. Gregg Cantor says:

    I really like Josh as a person. Charod was only here for a short time. Neither of them are from San Diego, so they were not qualified to speak about San Diego sports history. Neither is Don Sileo. It is strange that there is such an unhealthy relationship between 1090 and UT San Diego. It is surprising that past and present hosts bite the hand that feeds them.

  5. Vic Heman says:

    San Diego as a media market has never been able to attract and keep top radio talent. We are stuck forever with small market minds and small market talent that will suck the very brain cells from your cranium if you allow them to. When you consider that the ‘last man standing’ is Kaplan, a shallow, mediocre performer at best, you see why local audiences pretty much just give up and accept the crud they are being fed. San Diego deserves better.

  6. Mark Mohr says:

    Vic Heman is right. San Diego deserves better. When I lived and worked there a hundred years ago, SD sportswriters weren’t hacks and TV and Radio sports guys actually covered sports, not each other.

  7. Ken Starlin says:

    I personally like Scott and BR. Wish I could listen to them more. Don’t always agree with Scott, but I never agree with Hacksaw.

  8. Steve Cramsie says:

    Charod is not a radio personality. His opinions were usually mainstream, predictable ones (see NFL Network analyst Jamie Dukes) and he spoke EXTREMELY fast. He clearly felt that the more words he spat into the microphone, the more informed he would sound. In reality, he was just some guy put there to contrast Josh Rosenberg — a young talent who was sadly wasted in that time slot.

    • Bass Reemer says:

      Charod was an excellent radio personality. The fact that he could conjugate a sentence and his speech was clear and concise probably “frightened” certain people who most likely would have liked to him be more of a buffoon like Deon Sanders or Charles Barkley…

      • Steve Cramsie says:

        You’re joking right? He always talked WAY too fast and his opinions were never fresh, instead going with the safer opinions. He was unpolished. Period.

  9. Sports Guru says:

    Where do I start…do your homework, why you write a column if you never heard Sileo.? He’s bad, this kind of bro dropping, East Coast garbage may work in Miami but the guys is a talentless stiff, who will never gain an audience in San Diego. Scott and BR are really bad, just shows how far the talent level has fallen in the market. At one time XETRA likely had the best hosts in the country-all local including the original Loose Cannons-Hartman-and the late Chet Forte’, Jim Rome, Hamilton, Steve Mason, and Brad Cesmant. Scott is a punk, who need a good beat down, BR just mumbles on the air, doesn’t sound real bright, hardly the alpha host. 1090 will never attain the ratings that XETRA Sports 690 had in their peak of the mid 90′s, the ship has sailed long ago. Josh what’s his name is simply a scrub, a guy better suited to work on the back end no one cares about him, 1360 doesn’t have enough wattage to be heard in half the metro, it is really nothing more than a method for clearing Fox Sports spots. Meanwhile joker-Hamilton sounds like a jerk, and has that old school approach, but I am willing to bet he is likely the most well-known sports guy in the market, and in the right setting he’s very good. Do your fucking homework, or don’t write this kind of bullshit

    • bp says:

      Where do I start? I found myself asking the same question as you, Sports Guru. Let’s start at the top. If you’d actually read the blog, you’d have read that I do indeed know who Sileo is… I stated I didn’t know him personally.

      Never heard of “XETRA Sports 690″ – but I’ll assume you’re talking about XTRA Sports 690, and yeah, know all about those guys. What I don’t know is why you’re comparing mid-90s sports radio to blog about San Diego sports media here in 2014.

      You realize your boy “joker-Hamilton” doesn’t have a job in San Diego radio anymore right? Neither does “Josh what’s his name” – You just told a guy that wrote a blog that linked 11 articles supporting his point to do his homework?

      Have an opinion. That’s great. But telling me to do my homework while ramble about the golden age of San Diego sports radio? You’re embarrassing yourself.

  10. Gregg Cantor says:

    Good job BP. This post has a lot of hang time. Obviously some of the respondents comments are either incorrect or no longer relevant. It’s nice to hear some new voices and have Steve Hartman back on the San Diego airwaves. There are still a few old timers and transients that should only be on over nights. I have always preferred local shows. One syndicated show not mentioned Jay Mohr. He is very talented and I listen to him all the time!

  11. DLig says:

    I must say that I can’t stand Jay Mohr and Jim Rome. As an actor and comedian Mohr is pretty funny but as a radio personality and want to punch him through the radio. I can’t listen to more than 2 minutes of either of those guys because they seem to do nothing but read tweets and emails in consecutive fashion (calling it dumb things like ‘rapid fire… shoot it!’) making a long rambling of incoherent words, and I hate that. Say what you will about Scott Kaplan, he talks about his family too much and says dumb or borderline offensive things, at least I understand what he’s saying and what the purpose of his show is. It’s not just regurgitated tweets. I know people must love Rome and Mohr since they must get ratings to keep their jobs but I’ll never understand the appeal at all.

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