A San Diego Chargers ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Tattoo? Yup.

chargers-general-lee tattoo

Just a good ole boy…never meanin’ no harm.

I have no words… okay, I have a few words…

Meet Martin Northern, who tweeted that photo, of his new tattoo. Clearly, he’s a fan of the Chargers, America, and the General Lee. Here’s what the tat looked like about a month ago.

chargers-general-lee tattoo1

Now, he’s just got the flag to fill in before it’s done. Go Bolts.


[ht BFTB]

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3 Responses to A San Diego Chargers ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Tattoo? Yup.

  1. ross says:

    The General Lee is a Dodge Charger…think that’s the reference?

  2. Martin Northern says:

    Ok, so I’ll give you the long version… So let’s break this down.

    I’m a 34 year old CHARGERS fan that lives and grew up in the UK, and if you do the numbers right that makes me and 80′s kid and as an 80′s kid “the dukes of hazard” was about the coolest thing we ever saw.

    Growing up my Dad was always a Bears fan and so an interest in the NFL was almost inevitable. San Diego was also an easy step for me as I rollerbladed semi-pro in the late 90′s and that’s where all that started, with sponsors paying for trips to places like Encinitas, and competitions in LA.

    In 2012 I went on a two week fly-drive trip to the US with my dad, we visited Chicago for the Bears vs Lions on Monday night, flew to SF for a few days and took a road trip to San Diego for the Chargers vs Chiefs Thursday night game. The trip was paid for with the inheritance money from my grandparents who past away at various points over the previous decade.

    Whilst in Chicago my dad had the Bears logo tattooed on his leg however he didn’t think that was enough and had it added to when we got to pier 39. By the time we got to SD money was running low so I didn’t get a chance to get inked while I was there.

    December 2013 I walked into a tattoo shop at home asked for the bolt and the guys was like “I can do it… But” so we talk around the subject and so… The bolt and the chargers are obvious and the General Lee represents the road trip that I took with my Dad with the added bonus of it A. Being a charger and B. Being one of the coolest memories of my 80′s

    Sorry for the long explanation, but hey, you asked.

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