30 for 30: The Deal

the deal


[if the video doesn’t embed, go here]

I love 30 for 30 shorts. I especially love when Nick Barnicle and Colin Barnicle make them. These are the guys that made the Honus Wagner 30 for 30 that I am obsessed with. (I just realized I never blogged about that one! I only tweeted about it. Something I shall have to remedy.)

Anyway, I never knew about all the details behind the A-Rod trade to the Red Sox. This stuff is so fascinating. So cool to see. Loved that Jed Hoyer was a big part of it as well. Love that dude. Great story. Another great film by the Barnicle boys.


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One Response to 30 for 30: The Deal

  1. Mike Ortman says:

    These shorts are brilliant, that’s for sure, but it’s hard to really feel the sting that the Red Sox felt back then, when quite plainly they were fortunate it didn’t happen. They won three WS championships to the Yankees’ one since then, and they’ve never had to contend with all of the drama that comes with him. The timing of the release of this one is a bit anticlimactic.

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