Thank You, Vegas… For Making SDSU Underdogs To Boise State


[editor's note: last night's game was remarkable... I asked our resident comedian, and SDSU alum, Dave Rich, to write about it... he obliged.  -bp ]

So anyone who saw the San Diego state game last night has to be feeling something.   If you’re a SDSU fan you’re feeling like… this is our year.  This is the year we put a team into the Final 4.  This is the year that Steve Fisher can be credited with one of the greatest program turnarounds in the history of men’s college basketball.   That this team has been able to overcome.  The ability to face losses in the face and refuse to quit.  I am a die hard Aztec fan.   I love them.  But at one point last night I thought to myself: “Tonight just isn’t our night.”   I was wrong.

SDSU was down 14 points about half way through the 2nd half.   They were sloppy all night.  They couldn’t find their man, they couldn’t protect the ball, they couldn’t score, and they couldn’t get the ruckus crowd out of their head.   And on the other side Boise State could do no wrong.   They threw up shot after shot, each one hitting it’s Mark McGrath.  Even an ill-timed bank 3 dropped as the shot clock sounded off. The Boise State players kept looking at each like “can you believe what we’re doing to the the #5 team in the nation? Finally we own these guys.” It was brutal.  Boise was unstoppable and they knew it.   Everyone knew it.  Everyone except the Aztecs.

After the media time out, SDSU stole the ball and Polee awkwardly ( I say awkwardly, because everything he does looks awkward) slammed it home.   And that was it.  The number five team in the nation looked like it was in a low budget cliché sports movie.  Steal, after steal, shot after shot worked.   X Thames put the game on his shoulders and didn’t miss a shot.  The clinic he was running was only for 9000+ people, and the price of admission? Another broken heart.  You could see it happening.  You could see both teams realize what was going to happen.  And once again everyone knew it. The last plays of the game go something like this.  Aztec travel (down by 2).  X steals the ball back (the one instant Boise looks away) gets fouled. Hits 2 free throws. Ice water veins in this guy, seriously, the iceiest.  Aztec monster defense. Time out.   Now in this time out the plan is this.  “X you’ve scored all our points, what do you say you score two more, and win this game.  Thanks.  Also, pretend like it’s no big deal”.   X drives down, double teamed, and kicks the ball to Polee and awkward D.P2 makes the biggest shot of his life.   Aztecs win.  Dave Rich yells so loud he wakes up his kid.  Wife upset, but deep down, gets it.

If you’re Boise, you’re only feeling a few things this morning:  Things like “how could that have happened again?”  “we live in Boise, its freezing here”  “Drmic looks like the bad guy in You Got Served… how do we deal with that?”

Anthony Drmic

All true.  Great win Aztecs.

-dave rich


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5 Responses to Thank You, Vegas… For Making SDSU Underdogs To Boise State

  1. Nixon Mike says:

    Hey Dave,

    The Aztecs were actually down 1 when X kicked the ball out for the game winning 3… It makes the play and story even more spectacular.


  2. Benito Leuthardo says:

    Nice job, Dave Rich. Gotta say I topped you. Made 3 kids cry as my wife and I screamed when Polee’s shot dropped. The one thing I disagree with is that DP2 is awkward. I think the guy is anything but. He’s water, so fluid. Absolutely the best athlete on the team. I have a tough time calling a guy with a 40++++ inch vertical, “awkward.” The dunk was nasty. He floats on his jump shots. He defied gravity on his layup. I know you weren’t knocking him, but you WERE/ARE way off on that statement.

  3. dave says:

    Nixon, you’re totally right. thanks for the correction. and it does make that story even better. When I watched that play frist happen, after I cleared the tears of joy out of my eyes, I thought to myself… “Fisher you wilely old hard candy loveing genius! Of course you’d have X pass that ball knowing that everyone would jump over to cover him!!” and after reading up on it, turns out that X saw DP2 totally open, and thought to himself.. “hey, theres the open man, I’ve seen this guy hit a few 3′s.. this will work”. And thats why I love this team. and thats what it is… a TEAM. go aztecs

  4. dave says:

    Benito, thanks for reading that article. You and I may have two different definitions of what “awkward” is. I totally agree with you though that the dude is fluid, and I’ll add totally fearless. Like Jamall fearless. Like shoot it when you get it, sacrifice for every rebound, fell no pressure, big shot hitting kind of fearless, and I love him. But I will stick to my my statement about him being awkward, but with a more clear definition. My half brother is 6’8” and only 135 lbs. He looks like he’s controlled by invisible strings as he walks around. (think team America world police) Bumping into everything, which just makes every thanksgiving and Christmas super fun to watch. I once convinced him to do hip hop dance solo to ke$ha’s die young. THAT was awkward. DP2 is awkward in the sense that he’s got more raw talent than almost anyone on that team. So much talent that it is overflowing. Overflowing, spilling on everyone, covering the whole floor with talent. He holds the turbo button down the whole game and is quickly becoming one of my favorite players on that team. He suffers from the same “awkward” problem as Winston. Which is a great problem to have. Winston has so much talent its stupid, but spazes out when he gets 3 feet from around the basket. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve yelled “JUST DUNK IT”. You know, cause they need/want my advice haha. The only difference is DP2 almost always finds a way to put it in. So long story short, you were right. “Awkward” is the wrong word for it. Regardless of how high his shorts are.

  5. Benito Leuthardo says:

    Nice work again Dave. We need Brady to let you be the resident Lobshots Aztecs hoops reporter. I feel like you so accurately describe the views of 90% of people watching SDSU basketball. “JUST DUNK IT!”

    Let’s make it happen.

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