This Dude Feels Worse Than the Broncos This Morning…

broncos tattoo

I don’t know if this is even real, but if it is… guarantee this guy feels worse than any Broncos players this morning. What an absolute bashing by the Seahawks. Insanely boring game, and the commercials were meh. Very hit and miss.

Has a team ever lost the Super Bowl on the first snap of the game? Because the Broncos did yesterday.


[tat pic via Desus]

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6 Responses to This Dude Feels Worse Than the Broncos This Morning…

  1. Brian says:

    I loved watching the Hawks beat down on the Broncos, although it did make for a bit of a boring game.

    As for commercials, the Radioshack 80s one was fantastic, and Colbert’s pistachio one was awesomely disturbing.

    Then you have this regional one from Georgia that may be the most awesome commercial of all time:

  2. cameron says:

    if this is real he deserves it for being such an idiot

  3. Dustin says:

    He could laser off the top of the “a” in “champs” which will fix it right up.

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