125-Year-Old Baseball Cards No One Knew Existed

125-Year-Old Baseball Cards No One Knew Existed

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KO -┬áIn this story tonight, we’re talking about brand new baseball cards that are…125 years old. Almost nobody knows about this — not even the experts who collect these 19th Century cards called “Old Judges.” So this is the proverbial exclusive report. I mean it’s an exclusive that covers a century and a quarter, which is how long these cards have existed, with nobody knowing about them. Keith explains…

Just incredible. I love everything about vintage baseball cards. What a story… and really, what a story-teller in Olbermann. So good.


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One Response to 125-Year-Old Baseball Cards No One Knew Existed

  1. Cohner says:

    When did baseball card manufacturers go cheap on us and transition from an entire pack of cigs to one piece of petrified chewing gum? “Eh, we’ll just switch out one oral fixation for another…”

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