12 Responses to Eric Weddle’s Beard is Now a Brand

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  2. jeb christensen says:

    Can you buy a shirt with out paypal?

  3. Brian Berry says:

    I want the grey hat he wore for the pro bowl draft. Same logo as shirt. Can you purchase that?

  4. Corey Maroney says:

    Are there still weddle beard shirts available? I would like to purchase one.

  5. Dylan says:

    Are the weddlesbeard shorts still available for purchase?

  6. Mandie Garcia says:

    is there women’s and men’s sizes?

  7. Billy Jacob says:

    Please help! I’ve been trying to order a men’s xxl t-shirt from you since Sep 26,2014.
    Payment was sent back to my account yesterday, the reason was,(The recipient of this payment is UNREGISTERED) what does that mean? Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID # 9MU50416F3561922S). How can I order this shirt?


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