Who Will Be The Next Executive Director of the NBA Players Association?


Guess what, kids? I get to break some news! If you didn’t know, there’s a search underway to replace Billy Hunter as the head of the NBA Players Association. Well, I have a source, a real, actual source who knows a few things about it. Things that, to my knowledge, nobody else has reported. So here’s what I’ve learned… first, there are only a handful of candidates that are still being considered.  Second, and this is the big shocker: Domonique Foxworth is one of those candidates. That name sound familiar? That’s because Vincent Jackson and Malcom Floyd used to run circles around him. Yep, the 30 year old, former NFL cornerback that has no ties to basketball whatsoever, to go along with his no legal experience and his no business experience.  In fact, per my source, he’s been told he’s made the final cut.

I had to do some research and investigating to figure out why in the world Foxworth is being considered. First, he’s the current president of the NFLPA, you know, the sport that he actually played. Second, he’s friends with Roger Mason Jr. who is First Vice President of the NBA Players Association and seems to be running the show from the players’ side. Here’s where it gets good… Any guesses as to who conducted Foxworth’s interview in Miami in mid-December? Yep, his buddy Roger Mason Jr.  The same Roger Mason Jr. who has barely played this year for the Heat and will most likely be looking for a cushy career transition into a life-after-playing come June.  If I’m a betting man… and Foxworth were to get the job, I’m betting the house that Mason will be getting an NBPA job come this summer.

The NBA Players Association has gotten the reputation that it’s the most incompetent player’s union in sports, so even considering Foxworth for the job seems laughable to me. Currently, the NBA has as many marketable stars as any other league, franchise values are skyrocketing, and the players are getting less than ever, and if they don’t right the ship, it’s only going to get worse. I know, I know… boo hoo to millionaire NBA players, right? Well, I’d rather see the players get the money than the greedy owners.

Everyone knows what the owners are going to go for when the next CBA bargaining session rolls around.  A hard cap.  Non-guaranteed contracts.  Logic tells me that if Foxworth is the head of the union when those negotiating sessions roll around, you can bet the owners will get both. Why? A 30-year-old ex-cornerback bargaining against the NBA owners?  These owners have crushed far more formidable opponents for the last decade.  Jeffrey Kessler, “the most prominent sports lawyer in the country,” couldn’t stop them, but Foxworth can? Foxworth has no legal experience, no basketball experience and no real business experience.

I bet the owners love the idea of Foxworth taking over the NBPA.  The NBA players on the other hand? Start paying attention, boys. There are literally hundreds of millions of your dollars at stake. Think about how many thick-framed, no-lens, glasses you could buy with all that money.

**update: here are the rest of the NBPA Finalists**


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3 Responses to Who Will Be The Next Executive Director of the NBA Players Association?

  1. OJ says:

    Dude, CBS sports radio just cited one lobshots.com on this particular story. Is CBS hard up for news and slummin’ with the lobsters or is BP and lobshots that legit? Right on man. When you get your show on ESPN remember your old neighbor and hook me up with some backstage access.

  2. Jason Jones-Bey says:

    Amazing how may true haters there are in the world. Whoever you are BP, the fact that any of the names mentioned as potentially being the Exec is exceptional. Funny, your name is not there, infact you just mentioned that Bloomberg has issue with your work. Talk about lack of competence- why is Bloomberg questioning your work? Are there some plagiarism or lack of integrity concerns, maybe this is the answer. I followed Foxworth in college in NFL and he has what most players don’t which is your issue. You and other losers of your ilk love braun players- the boys and girls that cannot tie their shoes or think independently unless informed to do so. So when a Foxworth cerebral stands up, losers who are really losers (lack of sports skills, no woman that is a 10+, got your sass kicked on the court all the time, etc) it hurts knowing that Foxworth really is your role model, you just won’t admit it. You wish you could have had the chance to play college, get a scholarship for academic and athletic prowess, play NFL and make a name for yourself in the game. Yes your are hurting because of your low self-esteem. The lawyers mentioned are at best, average, having little impact on processes. Get a life BP-Loser – See more at: http://www.lobshots.com/2014/01/08/the-executive-director-of-the-nba-players-association-finalists-are/#sthash.ov8uDP7i.dpuf

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