I Feel Like James Avery Was An Uncle To All Of Us

uncle phil

This news hit me pretty hard. Seems silly because I know nothing about James Avery as a person. I’m sure he’s amazing. But I wouldn’t know. I know Uncle Phil. That’s it. Sure, I know he voiced Shredder in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. But that doesn’t tell me much about him as a person, except that he had a cool villain voice. Brings us back to Uncle Phil. That’s all I know… yet, I was so deeply saddened when I heard this news. Says a lot about a character on a TV show, doesn’t it?

Fresh Prince was just one of those shows. I loved it so much. I still do. If I’m channel surfing and there’s a re-run on… I can’t skip it. It’s a must stop. Obviously, Will Smith drove the show… but there’s no Fresh Prince of Bel Air if there’s no Uncle Phil. Remember this scene?

YouTube Preview Image

Powerful stuff. I cry every time I see that. Every time.


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  1. Cameronm says:

    What makes it all the more special with that scene is most of it was adlibed, just makes it so much more emotional and special. Via IMDB

    “After Will’s father immediately leaves him after a brief yet uncomfortable visit, Will’s speech to Uncle Phil was ad-libbed by Will Smith. James Avery (Phil Banks) was so moved by Smith’s speech that he immediately hugged before the scene ended.
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