Rick Reilly Mocks the Chargers


Oh, Rick… you jokester, you. Was it embarrassing to almost lose to a JV team? Yes. Are those guys all real life NFL players trying to their hardest to become starters and remain on an NFL roster? Also yes. So, there’s that.

Love that anytime Reilly makes fun of anybody or anything, his followers drop a Lance Armstrong bomb on him. Almost feel bad for the guy. Almost.

I won’t be drinking any warm milk.


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One Response to Rick Reilly Mocks the Chargers

  1. Mark Johnson says:

    You called right…there are 53 guys on each team. That means every player is NFL quality in some way. NFL teams don’t keep slouches on their rosters (most of the time). How many backups are playing for the Broncos right now? They’ve had a lot of injuries and had to plug in the “jv” squad. Hell, Foles was a backup at the beginning of the season.

    No apology necessary in yesterday’s victory or making it to January.

    Btw…”F” those guys regarding the blown call on the missed FG. Florio acting like he discovered the Ark of Covenant with that news breaker. Stuff happens…calls are missed all the time. Apparently the Steelers’ 8 losses had nothing to do with them not making the playoffs.

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