Sup Anthony Rizzo? Sup Casey Kelly?


How ’bout the time Miss Florida and Miss California were draped all over Anthony Rizzo and Casey Kelly? Cubs and Padres fans unite! That’s Michelle Aguirre, Miss Florida, and Mabelynn Capeluj, Miss California. Mabelynn is a Padres fan, so this makes sense. Rizzo and Casey are both 24. Mabelynn is 22, but Michelle, on the other hand, this site says she is only 20 years old. Hmm… how’d she get into a Miami nightclub called STORY? Inquiring minds…

miss florida nightclub

Assuming the boys are both currently single? Who knows…

Also, I hate the hashtag #califlorida more than you hate anything.

Check that, I hate the typed-out words “Hashtag you can’t sit with us” more…


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6 Responses to Sup Anthony Rizzo? Sup Casey Kelly?

  1. Bull Benn says:

    “how’d she get into a Miami nightclub?” uh, hello McFly, is anyone home? Have you seen that girl? That’s how she got in.

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  5. Shecky says:

    Kelly and Rizzo were teammates in the Red Sox farm system before being shipped to the Padres in the Adrian Gonzalez deal.

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