Pearl Jam Rocked San Diego… Eddie Vedder Wore a Chargers Hat


I’m furious with myself for not going to Pearl Jam last night. Furious. What an idiot. A ton of friends went… they, along with everybody I follow on twitter, said it was the most amazing concert in the history of time. Sweet. Glad I missed it. Efffff.

Anyway, Eddie wore a Chargers hat from a fan in the crowd for a little while. Couldn’t find it anywhere on twitter or instagram except for the cap spun backwards in the photo up top with Eddie crushing a bottle of wine. Then, twitter came through like a champ. Hugo snapped the below photo and sent it to me.

pearl jam chargers

Love it. Love Pearl Jam. Go Bolts.


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2 Responses to Pearl Jam Rocked San Diego… Eddie Vedder Wore a Chargers Hat

  1. lemonverbena says:

    I was standing near the guy that threw his Chargers hat to Eddie. Hardcore fans occasionally lose their minds and throw stuff on the stage. He also threw a custom Cubs jersey that said “Clash” in the logo instead of Cubs. Ed gave the fan a tamborine in exchange, wore the hat for a minute or so, then tossed it aside. Dude looked like he hoped to at least get his hat back.

  2. lemonverbena says:

    Also: the kid playing guitar in the second photo is drummer Matt Cameron’s son Ray. Eddie gave him a huge drink of wine as he was playing, which the band thought was quite hilarious since the kid is like 15 years old.

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