Behind the Scenes Shots From “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”


Love this. That’s Spielberg in 1980 scoping out a miniature set for Raiders of the Lost Ark. Can somebody please find me this hat… pleeeeeeeeeease. I found it here, but it’s not for sale. Here’s Spielberg rocking it again on set…

Raiders_of_the_Lost_Ark_stills_8125 (1)

Man, I love this movie… got those photos from this site. They had some fun facts too. Did you know that Nick Nolte, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Jack Nicholson all turned down the role of Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark? Did you know that Tom Selleck was originally cast as Indy, but his Magnum P.I. commitments forced him to back out of the project? A real mind blower, huh?



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2 Responses to Behind the Scenes Shots From “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”

  1. Erin S says:

    I did know the selleck indy fact, but hadn’t heard the fact about the others that were up for the favorite Indy movie has always been “temple of doom”, it was one of the 1st movies I saw in the theaters as a kid, and it was the 1st that I owned on vhs..I still have it the vhs copy..will be a hand-me-down to my kids if I ever have them..

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