Goodbye Candy Crush, Killer of Productivity

candy crush

Went on a business trip to Montana a couple weeks ago. Didn’t have any games on my iPhone that weren’t for my kids. So I downloaded this Candy Crush crap that everybody talks about. Yep. It’s addictive. Just like everybody said. It’s not even fun. It’s just addictive. Today, in a moment of extreme clarity and self-discipline… I said no. No more. Eff this game. My life and my time are more important. Deleted.

Feels good.

As for the rest of my screen because I know you’re wondering (I know you’re not wondering). It’s mostly self explanatory. Some of it is obscure though. Stat Attack. Baseball stats or something. It was a freebie one day, but normally like $70 or something. I got it. Have never looked at it. Rookies App is amazing. Download it if you haven’t. I downloaded that Buck Hunter game at the same time as Candy Crush… but it needed internet to play, totally defeating the purpose of a game on an airplane. Have yet to play it. The only reason I have FourSquare is to check in at Bub’s for free tots. That’s it. I don’t think I’ve ever checked in anywhere else.

The home screen image is my son’s Halloween costume last year. Homemade. 1984 Padres. Stallion.


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7 Responses to Goodbye Candy Crush, Killer of Productivity

  1. Jonesy says:

    Recently, I’ve gotten in trouble with the boss for a)drinking, b)candy crushin.

    Good thing I didnt drink AND crush.

  2. A business trip to Montana and you didn’t even call me? Well you can forget about me showing up on your doorstep next time I’m in San Diego.

  3. By the way, I tell people all the time, if you take a trip to Montana during hunting season but can’t actually hunt, just download Buck Hunter for your iphone. The experience is 100% replicated but you don’t have to cover yourself in doe urine.

  4. Herm says:

    I’m more confused why you have 5 pages of apps. I have 2. what else am I missing?

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