Oregon Supports Breast Cancer Research


That’s pink. That’s really, really pink. Sure hope all these proceeds are really going to breast cancer research and not just some giant marketing scam to sell merchandise.


[via GoDucks.com]

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3 Responses to Oregon Supports Breast Cancer Research

  1. Crew says:

    Here’s where the money goes for the NFL campaign.

    And while that is a shockingly low %, at least its going to the ACS and not Komen. Ask me why that’s a good thing.

      • Crew says:

        SGK spends upwards of $1M a year (of donations, mind you) suing other charities for using the phrase “For The Cure”.

        In 2012, after hiring a failed Georgia politician as VP of Public Affairs, SGK cut all funding to Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood provides FREE preventative care and screening to women, specifically in the area of breast cancer. After hiring a PR firm (again, using donations) to poll and see if an apology was owed, they reversed their decision.

        And perhaps most importantly…their health stances are dictated by the pocketbooks of their corporate donors. They’ve stood against a rising tide of studies linking BPA to developmental issues in women, while taking large contributions from Coca-cola, 3M, etc etc…

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