Good For Brandon Marshall…


Brandon Marshall knew he was gonna get fined for wearing these greens kicks to raise awareness for mental health. Good on him.

brandon marshall fine

If you know anything about Brandon’s storied past, he’s well… batshit crazy… so good for him acknowledging it, and bringing awareness for others.


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4 Responses to Good For Brandon Marshall…

  1. Aaron McHargue says:

    does anyone think a $10,500 donation to a mental health charity would have done more than the “awareness”?

    • bp says:

      i dunno, man. i wouldn’t have blogged it if he just made a donation. everybody’s talking about the fine.

      • Aaron McHargue says:

        all the talk is about the fine and “mental health awareness.” I haven’t heard which organizations should be supported or who he believes is deserving of any type of public contribution. His intentions may have been good, but a $10,500 donation to whichever organization he supports would probably have done so much more for the cause.

        • jimbo says:

          He must read Lobshots. Brandon Marshall is matching the $10,500 fine he received from the NFL for his green cleats & donating it to charity

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