Are There Kangaroos In Australia?


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YouTube- A kangaroo was found hopping around an airport in Melbourne, Australia. Wildlife officials were able to subdue and capture the animal. (Oct. 16)

Why yes. Yes there are. This kangaroo is just trying to break the stereotype. When you think of Australian animals… you think kangaroos and koalas. If you’re extra cultured, you think of wallabies and wombats too, but most people probably don’t even know what those look like. So this kangaroo was just trying to break the mold… escape the motherland and explore the world. No harm in that.


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  1. Jesse Kemp says:

    San Diego is flush with Eucalyptus trees. How sick would it be to import a ton of koalas and just set them loose? They don’t do anything but eat. They’re like living decor and would make SD feel super exotic. Imagine walking through Balboa Park and seeing a cuddly koala munching on some Euc up in a tree. We could just break out the piña koalas with little umbrellas, string up some hammocks, and relax like our arboreal buddies.

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