Sweet Monday Night Football Promo, ESPN. Ya Jerks.


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The hell was that? Andrew Luck mania over at ESPN. If not for the tiny Bolts logo at the end of that promo, you’d have no clue who the Indianapolis Andrew Lucks were playing tonight. Buncha BS. Even if I wasn’t a Chargers fan, after that ESPN promo, I’d want Luck to get sacked 8 times, and P Riv to throw 8 touchdown passes. Just a giant eff ewe to ESPN’s stupid suck-on-Luck promo.


[ht Adam]

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2 Responses to Sweet Monday Night Football Promo, ESPN. Ya Jerks.

  1. Cameronm says:

    “This Monday Night, Watch Andrew Luck and his Colts play a road game against a different team!” Is basically what I got from that promo.

  2. Aaron McHargue says:

    I’m pretty sure this was a promo that was advertising Andrew Luck’s first Monday Night Football game.

    I’m neither a Colts nor Chargers fan, but I would certainly rather see Rivers get the sacks and Luck the TDs.

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