CHARGERS WIN! — but lose Freeney :(


We won! We beat the Cowboys! Rivers was amazing! He’s dominating!


What’s that? Dwight tore his quad? Sunuva… Freeney frowney faces forever.

Is he out for the season? Probably. Just a guess. Either way, terrible news.


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One Response to CHARGERS WIN! — but lose Freeney :(

  1. Jesse Kemp says:

    The defensive line better continue having strong showings like they did yesterday. We’re going to need them to be a lot more active as pass rushers than traditional 3-4 linemen. Like the front 3 in Arizona has done for the last few years.

    If Freeney had to get hurt, it would have been nice for it to happen AFTER the Indianapolis game. I was fully expecting him to play like a man possessed that week. And possibly break Andrew Luck in half over his knee. Oh well… guess Liuget will have to eat him instead.

    Go Chargers. Go Rivers.

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