Now THAT is how you get kicked out of a football game. None of this head-slapping stuff. That’s Clemson offensive tackle Isaiah Battle knocking out NC State defensive back Jarvis Byrd. Obviously, Battle got the boot. With a name like Battle, I fully expect First Take to have a chicken vs. egg debate on whether or not this poor kid was destined to fight from birth and it’s not his fault.

Only a matter of time before that GIF gets the Mortal Kombat treatment. Like Zidane, and countless other fight GIFs.



[lobbed by Gravy via @bubbaprog, Mocksession]

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2 Responses to BATTLE UPPERCUT!

  1. Cohner says:

    I’m gonna knock you out (HUUH!!!). Mama said knock you out (HUUH!!!)

  2. Bull Benn says:

    Uppercut from a dude that’s 6’7″ and 275… holy buckets.

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