Helluva Win by the Chargers in Philly…

chargers -expert - pick

The “experts” predicted this one… poorly. Cannot say enough about that win in Philly. A heart-breaking loss on MNF. Short week to prep, traveling cross-country to play the most hyped up offense of the year. Every “expert” on the planet had the Chargers losing. Woulda been easy for the Bolts to mail it in for this one. Very impressive win. Very impressive.

How ’bout Eddie Royal with cheese? 5 TDs in 2 games? VJ-who?


[ht Karen]

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2 Responses to Helluva Win by the Chargers in Philly…

  1. Greanthumb says:

    Hells-to-the-Yay-Yuhh!!! Great game!! Go Chargers!!

    P.S.- screw Vick.

  2. dunn says:

    The “Experts” all last week:
    The Eagles Offense is Unstoppable!

    The “Experts” all this week:
    The Redskins Defense was Horrible!

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