Padres Announcer Bob Scanlan Brings the Heat


Now that’s a rant. Good work, Scanlan. Ripping the Padres apart was great, but man… I especially enjoyed you telling the Rockies official scorer to “grow a pair of balls.” Analysis gold, right there. He can’t say that kinda stuff on air for the Mighty 1090, but I love that he takes to FB to rip apart the hitters/fielders/coaches/scorekeepers. Just great. How ’bout suggesting Bud Black should “lock the doors and blow some hair back.” hahahaha. I’m using that.


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14 Responses to Padres Announcer Bob Scanlan Brings the Heat

  1. Greanthumb says:

    Nothing like a solid rant to soften the blow.

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  3. Saighead says:

    Absolutely agree with Scanlan regarding scoring official’s calls on a few of those plays. Was talking about this with the wifey during that game on Monday, and Tuesdays loss… we’re both huge Rockies fans, but you have to score them as they are, not how it best benefits the home team.

    Center fielders going for shoe string catches like they are heroes when they should have played the ball on a bounce, and it results in the ball getting away does not equal a double… that’s a single with an error. But it wasn’t scored that way, which was kinda shocking.

    Not only are we talking about unfairly affecting the pitcher, unfairly praising the hitter, but were also talking about not correctly affecting the fielding percentage of that position player when it comes time to talk Gold Glove awards and the ilk. (Assuming they are hitting well, naturally… we know how that “defensive award” really goes.)

    Scanlan’s frustration across the board is not misplaced by any means. It was nice to get a blow out, but it was also embarrassing to watch the Friars play such bad ball.

    • rob says:

      rockies official scorer works for colorado football program..he is worst in mlb..has been overturned several times already

  4. Cynthia Gaines says:

    I love this! Especially the line regarding “shameless homer rulings…” When will MLB put a stop to “blatantly misruling a play”???? I say the guy should be fired!

  5. Spud says:

    Fired for telling the truth? I agree with him 100%, and I admire him for putting it on the line.

  6. J says:

    Now that’s awesome! I agree with Bob Scanlan. Thanks Bob for having the guts to post this. I too get very tired of professional umpires not doing their job correctly. It has been too many errors, too often. It destroys player’s records in some cases. I also get frustrated by the lack of motivation with the Padres. When are we going to start getting quality players who actually dive a damn about winning.

  7. Pat M says:

    This took a lot of guts. Broadcasters in a lot of towns take the blatant homer route on the air and off rather than take the team they work for to task for poor play. In New York we tend to think that our broadcasters are fair and critical even more so than other places( probably not true ) and play the homer role less often ( also probably not true ) but I have the MLB TV package and listen to other broadcasts from cities outside NY and a lot of the time it’s “we” and “us” and “it’s the umps fault” rather than honest ripping when a team is lackluster. This Scanlan is gutsy and I hope the team looks in the mirror instead of freaking out because of what was said.

  8. Pam says:

    Who the hell cares, it’s just a game…….Get a life people.

  9. Steve says:

    Shades of Ray Kroc… well done Bob! I live in the UK and watch the games on; I really thought this team would pick it up this year. I haven’t seen this game and won’t bother now.

  10. Randy Atkinson says:

    WELL SAID SCAN !!!! It is about time someone with some clout made a comment that is factual and from the heart — and not be afraid that some “suit”
    will not appreciate the TRUTH. That game was pure crap (in MY opinion) and should be saved in the Padres archives as one of the worst games ever played.
    You can not strand that many runners in scoring position inning after inning.
    ** If my team would have done that more than once, there would have been a time out taken or an extended break between innings and we would have talked about it — BEFORE the game was over. As to the “official” scorekeeper — he/she needs to score the play fairly, not to help the home team. If the player stops short of a ball because he misreads it —- IT IS AN ERROR in my opinion.
    Certainly if he dives and misplays it or short hops the ball and it gets passed him — it is a single with an error. Randy from Oceanside

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