Well Played, Whole Foods…

breaking bread

Breaking Bread. I get it. Clever. Or not really? Either way, that’s one helluva chalk artist they’ve got over at Whole Foods…


[photo via Jerod]

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3 Responses to Well Played, Whole Foods…

  1. dilly says:

    luckily most will pick up on that pop culture reference and skip right over the bromine… possibly missing that it’s their way of saying the bread smells rrreal bad :)

    • Jonesy says:

      or that their bread has a missing electron in its 4p orbital that could cause lots of problems in the presence of other atoms/molecules

      • dilly says:

        that’s probably why it’s on sale! ;) it’s like I’m back in college… studying electron configuration & the aufbau principle all over again.

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