A Simple Response From Friarhood


Well hello there, bp here… owner of LobShots.com, amateur sports blog, and professional sh*t stirring site. Good grief. As I’m sure you’ve seen by now, this post from John Gennaro ran here on LobShots about San Diego blogs and traffic. A specific question was asked of Friarhood.com and they have responded. End of discussion? Well, alright. As you were…

Brady, here is a screen shot and a statement:

FH stats

The fact that I have had to take time out of my day to justify these numbers and defend the integrity of myself and my website are asinine.  Your writer knew what our traffic was not too long ago (because I told him), yet still went ahead with this.

These are confidential numbers which we only share with partners of our site.  However, this needs to be put to rest once and for all.

I have taken a leave of absence from running Friarhood.com, but it should be noted that our team will continue to work hard to produce content for our audience.  With that said, lobsters are always welcome in the Congregation.


Steve Adler

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12 Responses to A Simple Response From Friarhood

  1. Axion says:

    “These are confidential numbers which we only share with partners of our site.”

    *posts the number on twitter*

  2. John Gennaro says:

    1. What kind of shady tracking software is that? Why is everything blocked? When did this become Watergate?

    2. Hey, wait! Friarhood has Google Analytics! See?: https://twitter.com/jmglion/status/355396756634214400 They could post the same screenshot that was posted for BFTB and PP. Why didn’t they just do that? (https://twitter.com/friarhood/status/355399363876499456 ) Oh, because their host is tracking all of their private user information. Gotcha. That makes sense. I’m sure hosts do that all the time even though I’ve never heard of that being done.

    3. Confidential numbers? All I was asking was for confirmation on the numbers that were publicly tweeted out (https://twitter.com/friarhood/statuses/354659517847441408).

    4. Who attacked integrity of the owner of the Friarhood twitter account or the site? There was a tweet, I used my post to ask for proof. I would do the same thing to bp if @lobshots had tweeted out the same thing, I just (probably) would’ve posted it elsewhere.

    5. I am not aware of who is running the @friarhood account because they don’t identify themselves, but if it’s Steve Adler….I last spoke with him two years ago. Actually, almost exactly two years ago. I also have a terrible memory. Soooo….

    6. I am not a LobShots writer. I am a LobShots shit-stirrer.

    • John Gennaro says:

      I should add on to point #2. Hosts track information all the time. They track it on the server-side instead of doing it on the site-side.

      Why? Well, typically it’s because the hosting contract between the site owner and the host says that the host isn’t allowed to change anything about the website itself (unless there’s something malicious like a hack/virus going on). So, if the host was the one operating that GA account, it’s because Friarhood agreed to let them do it (which they didn’t have to) or because Friarhood put it there for them.

      In short, the idea that “To have a website host, I need to allow my host to track all of my user information with Google Analytics” is completely absurd.

  3. John Gennaro says:

    7.32 pages per visit? That’s a little high.

    BFTB: 2.1 pages per visit
    PP: 2.01 pages per visit
    GLB: 2.0 pages per visit.

    This bring me back to my original (probably misstated) point: I am worried that your tracking is erroneous. I’m concerned that your tracking is double, triple or quadruple-counting page views and accidentally inflating your pageview numbers.

    Unless there’s some reason why your pageviews are more than triple comparable sites.

  4. wrveres says:


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