Hey Paulina Gretzky… What’s That You’re Grabbing?

paulina gretzky i'm on a boat

Welp, Paulina Gretzky had a fun Fourth of July. So did her girlfriends…

Because I know you’re wondering. That’s one of Paulina’s best friends video (Jeremy Cohen), that’s Sam Maddox on the left, Kristina in the middle, Paulina on the right. Then some dancing with Paulina and Jeremy. Oh, and don’t worry, that’s not Dustin Johnson that Sam is grinding on at the end… that’s Dustin’s brother, Austin Johnson, who is dating Miss Maddox. Here they are…


What’s that? You want to see another video of those girls dancing? One with Paulina sucking face with Dustin Johnson? Well, alright.

Yes, I know it’s sideways, sorry. Lastly, Paulina and Kristina… keeping their hands to themselves this time… kinda.


Um, is she wearing any pants?


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