Is This Dog Bigger Than Giant George?

dire wolf

My bust. Let me rephrase…. Is this dire wolf bigger than Giant George?


[lobbed by LT... could be photoshop for all I know.]

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2 Responses to Is This Dog Bigger Than Giant George?

  1. Brianna says:

    NO!!!! he/she is bigger but there is no way in hell that dag is taller than gorge. srry. oh if you wanna know something cool. my dog is a great dane hes almost 9 months and hes only 8 inches shorter than jiant jorge. im hopeing he will beat record. oh and the biggest dog in the world is a mastiff. tallest dog is great dane(giant gorge), and smallest dog is a chuaua. ok hope your happy.

  2. joshua sanchez says:

    what is the breed of that dog? it is magnificent.

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