And It’s An F*Bomb for A*Rod!


You knew the NY tabloids were going to have a field day with this one…


[pic via @JimmyTraina]

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2 Responses to And It’s An F*Bomb for A*Rod!

  1. little caster says:

    I was at the O’s v. Tribe game Monday… made me think these are probably the two of the middle-of-the-pack payroll teams, so I checked out the official list. O’s checked in at 15, the Indians at 21. Bringing up the rear are the Houston Astros at a cool $24 mil/year… which is only approx. $4 million less than A-Rod’s 2013 salary.

    Since this is Lob Shots, it’s also probably worth mentioning that, unlike the Astros, the Padres can afford not only just 1 A-Rod, but 2.5 A-Rods with their $71 mil payroll. Ca$h.

  2. Bull Benn says:

    Who’s a Weiner now?

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