North by North Worst


So Kim & Kanye named their baby “North West”, huh? Awesome. Enjoy living on this corner for the rest of your life, kid.



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11 Responses to North by North Worst

  1. Greanthumb says:

    Douchery at its finest.

  2. jonesy says:

    i dunno, better than “Blue Ivy”

  3. Paul says:

    You know, I was talking once to some Roman friends and I said “You, then, why do you judge your brother or sister? Or why do you treat them with contempt? For we will all stand before God’s judgment seat. Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of a brother or sister.”

    • bp says:

      i deserved that. thanks, Paul.

      • caster says:

        he definitely deserved that. thanks, Paul.

        • Paul says:

          Oh don’t mind me…I’m just a misogynistic, homophobic supporter of slavery.

          • Derric says:

            Your Logical Fallacy is…
            ad hominem!
            You attacked your opponent’s character or personal traits in an attempt to undermine their argument.

          • Paul says:

            How right! 2 points!

            Now explain the rest of the Bible.

          • jonesy says:

            I cant put this as a reply to Derric, so its going here…..

            Why does this scene come to mind:

            You only think I guessed wrong! That’s what’s so funny! I switched glasses when your back was turned! Ha ha, you fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous of which is “never get involved in a land war in Asia,” but only slightly less well-known is this: “Never go in against a Sicilian when DEATH is on the line!” [He laughs hysterically, but suddenly freezes mid-laugh and dies; the Man in Black removes Buttercup's blindfold]

          • Greanthumb says:

            Classic Brent

    • Ruth Alarcon says:

      Why is it any ones business what name a person gives there OWN CHILD unless you are providing for this child mind your own DAMN business!!!!

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